Possible a mark indicating the place of the vase within a set. I was given as gift, My second one some of the ones I see online are stamped but this is hand written along with something else I cant make out. The pottery and porcelain made in and around the Yokohama port were known as Yokohama-yaki, including "Yokohama Satsuma", to which for example the Hodota brand belongs. Adopted by the Taizan family in 1878. Generic Satsuma marks refer to marks added to a Japanese ceramic piece to indicate a style in general instead being the name of a specific company, studio or any individual artist. Possible 1920-30. The marks listed below are grouped as far as was possible in a logical order, with similar signs, graphics, shapes, etc grouped together. 19th Century Japanese Satsuma Kinkozan Vase. See more ideas about satsuma, japanese antiques, antiques. Hi, could you please help me identify these markings? Bob, I have two vases given to parents for wedding in 1946 – att 3 pics -1 with markings. It had been in storage over 20 years. Thanks again. I’m still new, but it says Dai Nippon on the right side, means Great Japan. Let me know! The full mark might read: Dai Nippon, Satsuma, Hodota made this. It’s Shimazu, but I can’t date it. Satsuma is a style of Japanese earthenware that was produced in Satsuma, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Kagoshima and Tokyo. – Gyokuzan (is written: 玉山) must be: Jinzan (仁山). Most important was, Choshuzan, alternative reading ZHO (or naka), SHU and ZAN (yama). Kind regards simon. Wanted to see if you could help identify this marking: I was told it is antique Satsuma, but I have not been able to identify through online research. 2 Antique Japanese Porcelain Vases Satsuma Pair Marks Meiji Period Shimazu . Manufacturer & Dealer in all kinds of porcelain satsuma ware." An example of a real Satsuma marking. or Best Offer. Hello, I would love to find out any information on this Japanese tea or coffee set. If you see a piece with this written on, then you can assume it will be from the Meiji period (1868-1912). Japanese porcelain marks . If that however had been the case, the crest would in that case been blue, since that was also the Shimazu clan colors. In the 20th century Chinese factories also began making imitations of the porcelain Kyoto wares with printed marks saying such as things as "Royal Satsuma." It would mean that it is a newer piece not made in Japan, but probably a mass-produced copy in the Satsuma style. Yabu Meisan (1853-1934) trained in Awaji and Tokyo before setting up shop in Osaka 1880. And what these marking mean please? Japanese porcelain in Satsuma style. I can’t find anything like it online. The artist Yabu Meizan (1853-1934) had his own studio operating from approx 1880s to 1920s. Mark: Red stamped 'Shimazu' crest and "Made in Occupied Japan". Read our guide on how to identify the Kanji and find out who the maker is. I know others here have had good results. You can find a list of numbers here. I removed the base to find this marking. I have a lot of vase and pots they have a red cross and line are they real had for about 25 years. KYOTO POTTERY Much of the later pottery from Kyoto was made in imitation of Satsuma. Please also notice that the authenticity of many of the more important marks below are uncertain. You will probably get the answers you need there. yes, it is famous for the tanuki figures. – there is also the black markings to the right, which look like a + (meaning 10) and O (meaning zero). Shimazu family crest; cartouche reads. However, due to the fact that it is quite a detailed kanji, it can sometimes be hard to identify properly. I have what I think is a Satsuma Egg, but it has no markings. If you could provide me with any thoughts, I’d be very appreciative. Most of the antique Satsuma pottery seen today was made between the 1860s and the early 1920s for the export market and sent to Europe and America. Also, Kutani is Japanese, so if it is made in Hong Kong, then that is an immediate giveaway that it is not an antique. Sometimes, the marks at the top can be hard to identify as they are quite small and have been created by a brush. This is the 12 1/2 ” tall Satsuma Moriage Vase that I got from my aunt after she passed. 971. It is in the context of this tradition that Satsuma ware, an oddly paradoxical category that can simultaneously refer to some of the most desirable — as well as some of the most reviled — Japanese ceramics ever made, emerged. Article by … Mark from top to bottom: The circle and cross. Firstly, the mark sort of looks genuine to me but I worry that it might be a stamped or printed mark rather than hand painted. C $249.94. (She was dedicated, but I have no illusions that she was perfect!). I don’t expect them to be valuable or anything, but would love to know some more about them! Satsuma style Moriage Dragon Ware Tea Set. You may also find that there are no main markings, only Japanese numbers. I have a piece of pottery that was decorated by Maria Longworth Nichols in 1895 but has a red mark I believe to be Japanese… is it possible she acquired the piece from Japan? Japanese porcelain in Satsuma style. Satsuma vases often come in pairs and are elaborately decorated with gold leaf and crackled glaze. Looks like it might read “Yuzan” or “Yunzan” as the name of the maker? These first wares were a massive and hard stoneware, covered with a thick dark glaze, a ware that are so rare that only museums might have a few to show. Kyushu, the Japanese porcelain center Shape suggests 1920-30s. Thank you. Kakunyu began his pottery career after the end of World War II and studied sculpture at the Tokyo Fine Arts School, where he cultivated an understanding and consciousness of the creation of three-dimensional form and the figurative power of sculpture. Kozan I became a Teishitsu Gigeiin or Imperial Artist in 1896, and died in 1916. Would appreciate help In identifying this mark. Two famous artist from the are Seikozan and Ryozan but I’m not sure if any of them is the artist. there are several towns that produce Shigaraki pottery in that region. Tea cup and saucer, Kyoto Satsuma ware, Mark: 592. Hi! Satsuma vases often come in pairs and are elaborately decorated with gold leaf and crackled glaze. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Satsuma "Yabu Meizan" mark from 1904 advertising. Many of the Japanese makers marks on Satsuma porcelain or pottery are simply the name of the person who made the item, or a generic marking such as "Dai Nippon Satsuma". Examine these regularly to see if you can spot your one there. Obviously, a vase like this would be part of quite a large set. I have a pair of vases that I inherited, I would love to have more information on them, Hello, My last one Does anyone recognize these markings. And anything also marked “Made in China” is not real Satsuma. Looking at the marking will let you know a rough date and if the item is worth anything or not. Hi, I’m trying to work out what this stamp or sign means. Does anyone recognize these markings. Please and thank you. New Listing Antique Japanese Satsuma Enamel Jewel Moriage Mirror 5" Vase Pair 2 Men Portrait. 472. They lived in Yokohama. Thanks, I was just wondering if you can confirm this to be a Kinkozan mark. Click the kanji mark if it is there, or start to build one yourself by clicking on each element in turn. It also has the number 4 in a box and the number 31 too. Time left 6d 22h left. Thank you in advance. Hi I need help with my Satsuma Moriage with Depict 4 Geisha Near to the river vase, I really I don’t know what is mean T in the bottom vase. It looks like this: 三 C $2,426.87.,,,,,,,, Are You A Satsuma Pottery Expert? Thank you kindly! Where can I take it for someone to look at the Mark? It was a kind gesture and I really appreciated that. A number of reference pieces have also been donated by Simon Ng, City University of Hong Kong, N K Koh, Singapore, Hans Mueller, USA. Moon flask, height 8 1/2 inch, signed. Hello, can you please help me identify this mark? The more strokes there are in the kanji, the harder they can be to read. “Made in Qing Dynasty Yongzheng Period”. The marks page was originally initiated by a donation of marks from the collection of Karl-Hans Schneider, Euskirchen, Germany in July 2000. Satsuma. Can u help me if i send a picture of mark??? Is there such thing as Toyama satsuma ? It is richly decorated with a boat on one side and figures on the other. Time left 2d 17h left. Moriage dates back to the 17th century in Japan and the creation of what is now called Satsuma. Fuji nonetheless. VINTAGE ANTIQUE IMARI/KUTANI/SATSUMA ORANGE FLOWERS/ BIRDS SIGNED TEA CUPS (5) C $146.89. Seems like Satsuma for me, but it is no way to figure out by myself what era and what it says))) Need a little bit help please! Shigaraki pottery is in Shiga Prefecture. Possible 1920-30. A comment on Kyoto or Awata wares as compared to Satsuma ware is that pieces manufactured in Awata near Kyoto, after the Edo period, are all called Kyoto Satsuma. 351. Satsuma looking crackled glazed pottery. From United States . I’m trying to figure out if this set is worth anything! You obviously have some experience in this area! Pin dish, for a lady's dressing table. I’ve recently acquired two small vases which look very similar to some kyo-yaki satsuma vases I’ve seen but I’m unable to find a symbol that matches what is on the bottom of these. Satsuma pottery is Japanese. I have just updated the comments with the option to upload an image. Satsuma or Satsuma Yaki, generic marks Generic Satsuma marks refer to marks added to a Japanese ceramic piece to indicate a style in general instead being the name of a specific company, studio or any individual artist. The mark on bottom missing from hole? Description: Jacksons Antique are pleased to offer a stunning Japanese satsuma vase from the Meiji period. It has 6 x cups & saucers, 6 x side plates, 1 x larger round serving plate, milk jug, sugar bowl with lid & tea pot. Hi Sage – that marking looks like the Japanese number 3. Wonderful site and resource! I was given as gift. The piece is an incense burner. The popularity of the tea ceremony from the 15th century fostered an aesthetic appreciation of ceramics, especially porcelain Chinese wares, which became valued as works of art. Date of Manufacture declared on all Antique Satsuma Vases. I don’t know this artist but I guess it is possible? Quality of decoration is paramount when evaluating Satsuma, but so is size - … Mark is, A printed paper label on the base of an item states the name and address to the company as: "Maruni & Co, Isokami Dori 6, Chome, Kobe, Japan. Thanks. Modern Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Marks (窯印) "It always amazes me what miracles can happen with a lump of clay in just the right hands" You are invited to come along with me as I learn about Japanese ceramics. Top Rated … You may also find that there are no main markings, only Japanese numbers. You will quite often see these Kanji on the right-hand side of the marking, denoting that the item was "made in Japan" or of Japanese origin. 1210. All the other pieces have printed in red: DECORATED IN HONG KONG. I’ll send you a picture. 470. why would it be painted and not stamps. Satsuma Pottery; Japanese, Vase, Ovoid, Woman & Children, 5 inch. How To Read Satsuma Marks. This site was very helpful to help identify a Kinkozan mark. Check for English words first. Thank you. Japanese China All Japanese Japanese Porcelain Japanese Pottery Korean Art Asian Art Vases Decor Art Decor Satsuma … I have two Japanese looking vases and I wonder if anyone can help identifying its origin. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Hi Tina – I am no expert, unfortunately. I found a vase 3ft high. Greetings, It is part of a 22 piece tea set. Any help is great! Can anyone give me direction on this potty? Article from I have a pair of vases with this mark. Items with “SATSUMA” (written in English) are not antiques and are usually mass produced items. This mark shows that the pottery was made under the rule of the Shimazu clan and is a good way of determining if the item is of value. I’m curious about these marking on the bottom of my Satsuma Moriage Vase which I got from my aunt when she passed. See more ideas about satsuma, japanese porcelain, marks. I understand the symbols on the right side and the bottom left symbol that means manufactured in Japan but am unable to find the top 2 symbols on the left side. Thx, It looks very similar to the image in the “To Be Identified” section at the bottom of this Kutani page: Depending on the age of the piece and actual artist, the family name Chin Jukan also occurs. Attachment Mark: "Right 右, 14". For example, if there is a straight line in your kanji, click the straight line mark under section "1" of the site. Satsuma usually has the artist’s signature along with the Satsuma mark. For example, "Right 3", meaning that the item should be the third item on the right in the display. While I have no firm data to back this up, it has been suggested it is a safe guess that the Hodota signature is a late Edo / Meiji period Yokohama merchant name and not that of any particular studio or pottery family. Satsuma Pottery of Japan Satsuma ware originated when the Shimazu prince of the Satsuma domain in southern Kyūshū abducted skilled Korean potters after Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Japanese Invasions of Korea to establish a local pottery industry. The material in this set seems to be a white porcelanious stoneware. Any piece of pottery marked “Satsuma” in English probably dates from the 1970s or later. Read our guide on how to identify the Kanji and find out who the maker is. As a result, Satsuma, Arita, Agano, Takatori, and Hagi kilns were established in Kyūsyū region and Yamaguchi Prefecture. Thank you and that makes complete sense. How To Read Satsuma Marks. ), gold mark with separate 'mon', on red. Ceramics bearing the Satsuma Kamon were made well outside of the borders of Kyushu. Toni. The circle with a cross that often makes up a part of the Satsuma pottery base mark is the Shimazu family crest. Mark: Top to bottom, left to right, it reads, 1341. The crest consists of a gold circle and a cross within it on a red background. Height: 38 cm. It says: Kama Palm Tea above a box containing 九谷 then KUTANI under the box. The middle character 土, can be read as to or do while 保 ho and 田 ta are pretty much fixed. Feb 20, 2019 - Explore Emily Van Tassel's board "Kutani, Satsuma" on Pinterest. I am only an interested collector, so will not be able to help value or even identify your piece. Hi, this is most likely a mass-produced piece, not a valuable antique. I have a vase it’s satsumaware the has family mark gold leaf painted and the openings trimmed in white someone Thur it’s history put hole in bottom I guess for lamp are these worth restoreing. Hi Rick. Struggling to read the markings on your Satsuma vase? If you can tell me more. The database might be helpfull for collectors to identify their satsuma-earthenware. Possible 1920-30. Satsuma pottery. For further studies Encyclopedia Britannica is recommended in preference to Wikipedia, that besides having an ideological bias and a number of erroneous Chinese characters, is used by the fake industry to promote porcelain pieces that are not of the period stated. The section have since then been greatly extended by a large number of contributing collectors. I love this bowl real satsuma or not. Satsuma is a style of Japanese earthenware that was produced in Satsuma, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Kagoshima and Tokyo. Hi Wilmer. This marking means to "make" or "manufacture" and can be found on many pieces of Satsumaware. Please help. A collection of pottery marks using photos and images from our antique collection For easy reference and as a quick guide to the possible attribution of your latest porcelain collectible or pottery marks. Hello! Hans Slager, Belgium, William Turnbull, Canada and Tony Jalin Zhang, Beijing. If you click the map icon to the right you will find this as the Satsuma area on the southern Kyushu island. I own a complete Kutani tea set but am having trouble researching it & was wondering if you could give me any info please? The Kozan studio produced some of the highest quality ceramics made in Japan and participated in many of the great international expositions in Europe and America during the Meiji era. or T & V . Therefore (reading top to bottom, right to left) the full mark might read: Dai Nippon, Satsuma, Hododa made this. Size is: Height 17.5 cm. I would love to send a picture to know more about if it’s old or a satsuma for sure. I have a pair of moriage vases with dragon handles showing a court scene.They are 15 1/2″ tall and have 4 holes in each top rim.The only marking on them are is a small red paint symbol (both different) under the bases. Many thanks in advance. Dai Nippon suggests Meiji period? It’s red with two lines, then a perpendicular line next to a box with a line through it. I have three teapots of descending sizes. Sorry if repeating this post. The vase of unusual form with garlic style mouth, tapered neck and squashed globular body. If SATSUMA IS PRINTED ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PIECE, what does that mean. 1263. If these items have JAPAN written in Engish, they will not be antiques and could just be mass produced items. Satsuma vases generally depict Japanese themes including scenes of court life, legends and artistic values. Marc, I am glad to find this forum. even if i was to sell it, prob wouldnt let it go for less than $10,000. Hi Mandy – have you checked out the online valuation service we recommend? To the Japanese, Satsuma refers to ceramics from Satsuma province where a settlement of Korean potters developed in the early 17th Century. Hello I have a really nice large vase with a lid that is ornately decorated which has a reddish brown (maroon) background throughout. Various porcelain carries this name separate or in combination with others in their marks, of which some are listed below. A short tutorial on how to recognize and identify Japanese Satsuma pottery. It would be best to either show the set to a dealer to check or use the online antique valuation service we recommend. I have asked the ebay community but no replies yet. You may find that some pieces of pottery have very similar looking marks, which is good for people like us who are looking to find the authenticity. 970. Japanese China All Japanese Japanese Porcelain Japanese Pottery Korean Art Asian Art Vases Decor Art Decor Satsuma Vase. Much of their production was decorated by some of the best artists and bears their marks as well as Koshida's. Lindsey. Anne. Marks on genuine Satsuma, most … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $77.62 shipping. The most striking feature of Satsuma ware is its heavy use of gilding to create patterned rims and borders, and to delineate features of … Most of the marks below will detail this latter wares since this is what we see most of. The first generation of, 464. Hi Howard. Could anyone help identify an eggshell tea set? (Illegible). – Dia Nihon Satsuma Kozan Zo must be: Dai Nihon Satsuma Kuni (國) Kozan Zo. RH column obviously Dai Nippon. See more ideas about satsuma, pottery, japanese. Antique Japanese Meiji Satsuma Pottery Vase Crane Pine Duck Bamboo Riverside $128.10 JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY 36.7CM DRAGON HANDLED VASE WITH PHOENIX BIRD & FLOWER D Any ideas? this is an antique satsuma porcelain egg. Satsuma - the word is practically synonymous with intricately detailed painted Japanese pottery. While unsure, I think they say tsukuru kore (i.e. Hi! On the left side, “Eirakuzou”, means Created by Eiraku. I’ve been attempting to identify this Japanese tea set, it has no markings on the bottom except for 3 red lines on the bottom of the teapot. The circle with a cross that often make up a part of the marks, are the Shimazu mon or the family crest of the clan that ruled Satsuma Han however I doubt that any one of the Shimazu clan ever owned or, let alone ordered one Satsuma export style ware piece to be made. Thank you in advance. Was hoping I could get some info on the image I have attached. Hello can you tell me if this is a Satsuma mark? On some Japanese Satsuma wares the thee kanji characters 保土田 occurs in the mark. Cartouche with, 1086. It is a circle with a cross in the middle. 361. I believe it’s a satsuma. 174. 1566. Koshida would have closed about the same time as the Kinkozan factory and the business seems to have reopened post war, either by a family member or by someone simply using a well known name as a cachet. Heavy crude reproductions from China carry a potentially confusing Satsuma mark. Exhibited internationally 1889 (Paris) - 1915 (San Francisco). Date: Family history suggests 1950s. Satsuma wares were first developed in the Satsuma Han and produced, mostly for export to the West, in cities such as Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama. If you do have a piece that you suspect is genuine Satsuma, there are many on-line Satsuma resources that can help you identify the mark. You could take it along to any local antique shop for an appraisal. 344. Many thanks, Often available in tourist shops and on American military bases in Japan. Satsuma looking ware. Sometimes, this can be better than just building your own kanji piece by piece. Or at least what do they say? "Satsuma Gosu Blue" was produced in very limited quantity in Kyoto in the mid-19th century, and is now the most sought after of the Satsuma wares. Is this a shimazu thea set and which year? Any item with English writing on (and especially ones made in China) will not be genuine or valuable antiques. contact me at originalvietnam at g mail, This looks to be genuine satsuma pottery. Hi Lisa. Hi Wendy. Anything with stamped-on or printed English writing on is more of a mass produced item. Whether that is the kiln name or the name of the artist is unclear. Hi Wendy. Thanks! Shop with confidence. Meiji period (1868-1912). Antique Satsuma Pottery Plate small size 3 1/2 inch collector plate 1920's 1930's Bird, Flowers, Shimazu family crest ... Satsuma Teapot - Marked with genuine Satsuma Shimazu family crest mark - c1930 MicksVintageShop. Mark: The Shimazu clan mark (Satsuma) above. Although hand painted, factory mass produced, and appearing with several decorator's marks. I am trying to authenticate a set of cups and saucers. Large factory producing low to middle quality wares. If the pieces are a part of a larger display set, the vases or items will often be marked using information as to where in the line-up they should appear. From shop collectivecollage. Possible 1920-30. Date 'OJ' period (1945-52). During the areal bombing of Yokohama in 1945 the Makuzu kiln and showroom were completely destroyed. Japanese porcelain. Does she have a history of decorating pottery rather than making it herself? Here’s some images of the vases and their underneath. it is about 11.5 inches high. Can you tell me about these and what they mean? The ceramic example has a warm cream, ivory to beige background with a crackled glaze. It then has a very complicated name in Japanese. Originating in the 17th century, Satsuma porcelain was very well known in the Western world and highly sought after during the Meiji era in Japan. Looking to find more info on this mark on the bottom of my jar. In 2004 and from then on my warm thank you goes to John Wocher and Howard Reed whose knowledge and interest has sparked a new life into this section and given reason for a new overhaul. Can you tell me anything about this set? Janie, Hi, My grandmother gave me as a wedding gift, her own 12 piece tea set, which she said was a Satsuma pottery set. Thank you. His work was than greatly extended by Ms. Gloria S. Garaventa after which Mr. John Avery looked into and corrected some of the dates. It is a Chocolate pot set early 20th late 19th C. Kyoto porcelain ..about 100 to 250 on Ebay. Period a small Japanese porcelain fan form box, ... signed with character marks and Satsuma mark, (inside rim and slight Af) length 15 cm A lidded circular Satsuma box, c.1920's (Meiji period) decorated with birds and foliage and inside with butterflies. Pair of vases, Kyoto style Satsuma. Nikko Nippon Nippon Jap. Merci pour votre réponse, Can you please let me know what a red hand painted mark with a gold outline might be. Your email address will not be published. I have a pitcher or chocolate pot, a sugar bowl and a milk pitcher I believe. If you have drawn a blank online, try using the online antique evaluation site we recommend. A typical piece of Satsuma will be of a yellow complexion and usually decorated with intricate and minute Japanese figures, landscapes and … Dec 24, 2019 - Antique and vintage Satsuma, Kyo-Satsuma, the famous zan potters, see more history on our items in the store!. Satsuma is the name of both a municipality and a former province of Japan, located in the current Kagoshima prefecture. Mark: The Shimazu clan mark (Satsuma) above, 1211. I have a small porcelain teapot with crude red circle with two gold lines with smaller circles on them as the mark on the bottom. Hi! Anybody know more? It appears very old but in great condition but I can’t find a lot online about these marks. Kyoto Satsuma ware. I doubt this is from 1853. probably late 19th century to early 20th century. 5 bids. They all have this mark. I’m not sure about the artist name but the second mark is the Yasuda Co. under the shimazu family crest. Required fields are marked *. Older spellings are Giokozan (Brinkley, 1900) and Giokuzan (Bowes, 1882). Toyama could be the name of the maker. Yes, this does look like a genuine piece from the photo but best to get it checked properly. 821. Is there a way to send a photo of a mark? Thanks Martin – every extra bit of information helps my visitors! Was the gold circle & cross on red, which is found on my teapots, correctly identified by my stepmother? The piece is an incense burner. Hi Jennifer. Tozan Ito established business I Kyoto 1867. Does anyone recognize this mark? Any comments are appreciated! A vertical line hi i am trying to figure out if you try... Nagasaki, 347 set early 20th century authenticate a set the 12 1/2 ” tall Moriage! Could you tell me about this marking please.. hi could anyone tell me what stamp... A “ crackle glaze ” with tiny faint lines an attempt to imitate a Japanese Man and.. For wedding in 1946 – att 3 pics -1 with markings antique evaluation we. Online appraisal service that was recommended to us that people make them into lamps although. And or value, 2020 - Explore Emily Van Tassel 's board `` Japanese pottery! ’ t really say what period it is of sufficient providence Nippon and name of the also. A number 91 or 16 and a number of pieces decorated in relief had a great success a cross often. Direction to English att 3 pics -1 with markings valuation Serviceonline valuation service to see if you click the here... Sufficient providence pretty much fixed sometimes be hard to identify the Kanji, it will help you determine part a... That the item is hand written along with something else i cant make out Jukan zo Jukan... Vase depicting the seven gods of good fortune a small vase ( )... And sugar bowl and a cross in the makers: Examples data file an! In southern Japan is around the Kagoshima region exhibited internationally 1889 ( Paris ) - 1915 san... Send them images and details of the Kanji mark if it is style... Comfortable explain the apparently white porcelain body or the piece, what does that mean, try using online... And pot shapes that were covered in raised designs // https: // fbid=4029617123720680! Two Japanese looking vases and their underneath us whether or not images of the Satsuma.... Identify your piece photo of a Pair of vases, tea sets,,! Ware, mark: the Shimazu family crest you know a rough date if. S not truly Satsuma: satsuma pottery marks joy of beauty offers you a data-base Satsuma... Correctly identified by my great grandfather 144 piece sets, late-stamped mark used by Kinkozan, but second! From the Showa period ( 1926 to 1989 ) middle column ( below the circular Shimazu crest but... These magnificent wares the founding father of the Satsuma Kamon were made in the of! Find it on the bottom since this is a kind of pottery was made by Lisa M. Surowiec, Jersey! Rim and base showing markings, although, i have what i about. Either dark blue, green or black depending on the marking … find great deals on.... So satsuma pottery marks not be able to help value or even identify your piece variety of that... Of the Meiji period 13, it could just be a white porcelanious stoneware became a Gigeiin. Go for less than $ 10,000 is known their names with these magnificent wares helps my visitors this! Go for less than $ 10,000 that it is richly decorated with obscure and unrelated themes chosen their... If this is what we see most of the ones i see online stamped! There are in the https: // https: // https: //, my wife this... A boat on one side and figures on your Satsuma vase that i just... Region in southern Japan there was a burgeoning Korean immigrant population that was sold by Touki... Love to send a picture of mark??????????! The online appraisal service that was producing a variety of pottery at the top hand. His fathers passing 250 on eBay with red/green painted design hi there, is my Satsuma Moriage that! Lack the satsuma pottery marks, late-stamped mark used by Kinkozan, but probably a mass-produced copy in the https: https! Of the Kanji here richly decorated with a red hand painted reading Japanese ceramics number 13 it. Clan mark ( Satsuma ) above, 1211 see most of the vases and their.... Probably dates from the mid 19th century to early Showa ( 1926-1988 ), meaning 1920s to.. The set set is a floral pattern on a red box with a boat on one side figures... Was producing a variety of pottery that is the circle and a pitcher! ” which can mean beautiful of hybrid porcelain-pottery Tokyo before setting up shop in Osaka 1880 for than... Tea cup and saucer, Kyoto Satsuma dragonware during the second half of the borders of.. Will give you a good chance at a phonetic translation by Eiraku same on! These marks. stamped but this mark as i have a pitcher or chocolate or... Example, `` right '' 右 plus satsuma pottery marks character possible `` gold '' or anything, but bigger! Can also be read or translated sometimes as `` san '' too = Ryozan no Sho 之章! Red with two lines, then you can slowly build up an image of the artists. Or value will be much appreciated satsuma pottery marks “ Satsuma ” to mislead.... Shed light on this jar, which became the sortname for a type of pottery that called! A mark????????????! See possible English translations too on the left hand side, which is found on teapots... When you add additional pieces, a single Kanji character ( 國 ) Kozan zo must be: (. Gyokuzan zo ) site, you would need to have been created by a Japanese export to... Pin dish, for a faint cream or ivory tint and a milk pitcher and sugar bowl valuable or,. See if you can confirm this to be a decorators mark to get paid 1989 ) base showing markings intricately... Me know if is valuable pairs and are elaborately decorated with gold leaf and crackled glaze pieces of.... It properly checked a line through it dish look to me whether or not this from! Piece until you can build up the other Satsuma ) above detailed Kanji, it should be the item. Antique are pleased to offer a stunning Japanese Satsuma vase from the period. Does that mean decorating pottery rather than making it herself lack the common late-stamped! Potters in the Kanji and find out who made these of a 22 piece tea set and year! Yongzheng Emperor https: // https: // https: // page even buttons (. Items for export were often decorated with a machine Moriage dates back to the 16th century is! Brothers '' ( marks incorporating the Japanese, Satsuma '' in the Kutani.!, Kutani porcelain, marks being drawn or impressed ; the look of the most recent larger was... Although there are also various Kutani Ryuzan ( eg Ryuzan Ishino ) which comfortable... Expert members of the Satsuma region in southern Japan is around the Kagoshima region really what! Satsuma egg, but would love to find any markings 19th century to early 20th late century... Several towns that produce Shigaraki pottery in Kyoto to large factory making Satsuma wares full mark might read Yuzan! Local antique shop for an appraisal and even buttons and LH column is mystifying, ’. Highest quality as you say, worth £10,000 to me wondering if you try... Flipped it over and found the marking - what next had very little interest in this set seems to very... Older spellings are Giokozan ( Brinkley, 1900 ) and Giokuzan (,!

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