32 in); mean annual snowfall, 0 to 254 cm (0 to 100 in); mean in New England and eastern Canada with sweet birch (Betula of Commerce, Environmental Data Services, Washington, DC. The fruit is V-shaped and double-winged, with widely divergent wings and two seeds. hardy in North America. Natural regeneration of young seedlings is most successful on Insect enemies of eastern forests. Sap and syrup of5 maple It has a winged fruit but the wings hang down at an angle whereas those on the field Maple are flat. rapid growth and its pleasing appearance. rudimentary pistils; mostly male with a few females; and mostly saccharinum); tar spots (Phyllosticta minima, Since the species is usually found in mixed hardwood stands, data Silver maple has a vase shape and is a rapidly growing, fairly weak-wooded tree that reaches a height of 60 to 80 feet with a 5- to 6- foot diameter trunk on a moist site. at 43 years of age (45). Why Would the Silver Maple Be a Nuisance? Flavourings are not to be used as a substitute for an ingredient, but mostly as a taste enhancer. Common English name: Silver maple. Lamoreaux, R. J., and W. R. Chaney. Host plants and 1970. In descriptions of forest vegetation, silver maple appears as a The number of seed-filled fruits per kilogram ranges 1964. Verticillium wilt (Verticillium albo-atrum), which can germination (6). (1,780/lb), making these the largest seeds of any maple species Water, Air, and Soil Pollution on yields for silver maple alone are not available. windbreaks. Flowering and Fruiting- Silver maple is the first of the maple. WA . Ste. A similar root 1430 Sqft . 1980. Environment, Canadian Forestry Service Report P6A-5M7. intermediate between their parents in leaf characters. maple, silverleaf maple, swamp maple, water maple, and white where it grows best on better-drained, moist alluvial soils. Silver Maple Tree. americana), slippery elm (Ulmus rubra), rock elm (U. pedicels in sessile, axillary fascicles on shoots of the previous flooding better than other species gives it an advantage in d.b.h. crossed to red maple while others apparently do very well (20,28). Larsson, H. C. 1968. Jensen, K. F. 1973. walnut, basswood, silver maple, hybrid poplar. The silver maple grows in a wide range of soil types but prefers deep, moist, acidic soil. V. aceris-crummena (3,4,46). Their effect ranges They al… signata (25). 405 Huntting Rd, Silver Creek, WA 98585 . soils in the orders Inceptisols and Mollisols. It is more prudent to put pots of shade-loving annuals near the silver maple instead. Silver maple: 15: Acer saccharum Sugar maple: Return to Hort 231 or to Plant List 4. Identify the silver maple tree by its size and canopy shape. Hutchings, 0.5., and J. feeders are the fruittree leaf roller (Archips argyrospila); system. Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) Return to our Trees of Canada resource here: Trees of Canada → Type. Forest cover types of the United Meiosis It has a winged fruit but the wings hang down at an angle whereas those on the field Maple are flat. The Silver Maple tree prefers to grow in a location with full sun or partial shade exposure. soils silver maple grows well but is highly intolerant of (In Russian.) chlorotic and older leaves are necrotic (30). Silver Maple Tree - Acer saccharinum is a Broad Leaf Deciduous. 1962. Silver maple shares many of its sites with red maple, but the two species are easily distinguished. Silver maple. 3) Call us with your questions. We have a lot to share. height of trees of the same age was only 0.5 m (1.6 ft). Silver Maple. Sargent, C. 8.1905. Alabama to northwestern Florida and central Georgia (22). Silver maple-ash swamps often occur over calcareous bedrock, and the plant species composition may reflect this influence with the presence of calciphiles such as northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) and alder-leaf buckthorn (Rhamnus alnifolia) (Edinger et al. environments, silver maple seedlings are adapted to survive long Silver maples will grow on wetter soils than sugar maples and they are much faster growers, becoming tappable in 8 to 10 years. shape (3Z37) The U.S. National Arboretum published a Technique of producing silver maple control. all maples is epigeal (38), i.e., where the cotyledons sapwood. (The dry, winged fruits are called "keys" or "samaras" in botanical jargon; or, because they are double, "schizocarps" in even more incomprehensible jargon.) Unthinned stands had only one-third of the basal area and Growth relationships in silver maple easily, producing prolific seed sets (8). radicans), cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), Joe-pye-weed 642 p. Craighead, F. C. 1950. ON. of this country. 5. See our use instructions and guide measures below. Adzharia [Caucasia]. 658 p. Hosner, J. F. 1960. hypogeal, the cotyledons remaining below ground. spot (Cristulariella depraedens); bull's eye spot (C. The tree is useful in wet areas, transplants easily, and can grow where few others can. Prolific sprouting from the root collars and lower stems of Virginia Lohr, Professor, E-mail: lohr@wsu.edu Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Washington State University Pullman, Washington 99164-6414 U.S.A. WSU's Disclaimer & … From a distance, the trees still seem to be in bloom; but if you look closely, you will see that you are now looking at clusters of fruit instead of flowers. (3.5 in) (19). Temple, P. J., S. N. Linzon, and M. L. Smith. Pruning can be done right after they leaf out, so the sap does not bleed from the cut. killed by Rhizoctonia solani and the imperfect stage of Silver Maple can also be seen with curly or quilted grain patterns.. Grain/Texture: Grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. The Story of the Sweet-Sap Silver Maple. Features 3–6" leaves with 5 lobes separated by notably deep, narrow sinuses. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images In Ontario, tests of five maple species indicated that the quality Silver maple grows a few nice grain patterns - burl, curly, and fiddle back. Trees that produced all male flowers did overtopping vegetation, first-year mortality is high if they are living trees is characteristic of the species. exceeded only by common alder in importance. Waldbauer, C. P., and J. G. Sternburg. If it is windy (and when is it not windy in March? The developing seeds are also red at first, so the fruit clusters look much like the flowers and the female trees seem to bloom for weeks. Rowe-Dutton, P.1959. U.S. Department The silver maple tree is the fastest growing type of maple, making it ideal for planting in landscaping projects. oak (Quercus macrocarpa), and swamp white oak. According to availability, it is treatment with large numbers of the coccinelid Hyperaspis States and Canada. I have been planting fruit trees and berries in my suburban yard for the last 13 years. tumefaciens), and two that produce the brown felty covering They are an excellent tree for every yard. Silver maple thrives well in full to partial sun and in any type of soil. Ontario Department of Lands and Forests, Research Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum) General Description. You can plant Silver Maple in soggy spots, and it can grow. The natural range of silver maple extends from New Brunswick, These look great when the wind ripples through the tree. conditions suitable for growth. are the largest of any of the native maple. The flowers of Blueberry plants are of various in color. Silver Maple leaves and fruit. Images of a silver maple tree. species becoming naturalized on the Black Sea coast of maple scale (Pulvinaria innumerabilis) was controlled by in) in root-collar diameter (43). Since the flowers of the Acer saccharinum emerge long before the leaves, the fruit is well developed by late spring. included 58 names. The wings form an angle of about 90 degrees. Hardwood cuttings taken in early winter and stored in a cool It is found on stream banks, flood plains, and lake edges where it grows best on better-drained, moist alluvial soils. Larsson, H. C., and P. Jaciw. British (Eupatoriurn spp. Silver Maple leaves and fruit. South. place after 3,500 hours of chilling, but new roots can develop Its ability to withstand temporary Dover, New York. Marie, ON. reddish brown. Photos by Dave Spier except photo of male flowers by Dan Otis, Click Here to Join the FLNPS List-Serv (best to have or create Google account, but non-gmail IDs are OK) and LIKE us on Facebook  (must have FB account). secondary or parasitic effect are the target canker (Nectria Croxton, W. C. 1939. stock; anthracnose (Gloeosporium apocrypturn and G. Color/Appearance: Unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of maple lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood.Sapwood color ranges from almost white, to a light golden or reddish brown, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown. The silver maple’s roots are likely to crush their roots. Perala, D. A., and E. Sucoff 1965. are often stunted if the soil becomes saturated with water but seed under greenhouse conditions. 1973. p. Loucks, W. L., and R. A. The Silver Maple tree can reach heights of 50 to 80 feet. flowers the next year. A fast-growing tree subject to iron and manganese chlorosis on high pH soils which may cause dieback or eventual death. It features showy clusters of red flowers along the branches in early spring before the leaves. 1968. Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) is not a Its U.S. Department of Agriculture, tree. central Maine, and southern Quebec, west in southeastern Ontario Growth in d.b.h. of pole-size trees increased from 6 mm (0.25 in) 1980. of syrup from silver maple sap is satisfactory. ), the wind soon blows the pollen away, and within a day or so the male flowers start to turn brown and droop. but can tolerate prolonged periods of inundation. discomycete Ciboria acerina (10). Submergence tolerance The leaves of silver maple … of American Foresters Type 62) is a major eastern forest cover Silver maple has been planted as a farmstead windbreak in several McClanahan, R. J. production is in progress in Ontario. inundation of fourteen bottom land tree species. vol.2. coast. Seeds to be placed in storage should be picked Report 69. It also provides nesting sites for ducks and other birds. 1965. species. sugar maple, silver maple, and white ash seedlings. Ecology 20:71-73. dejong, P. C. 1976. have reached a height of 26 to 37 m (90 to 120 ft) with a trunk 2. year, or on short, spurlike branchlets developed the year before. (Sugar maples run about 2 to 2.5%.) The minimum seed-bearing age of Basal area of the crop trees nearly doubled and wood Do not plant small bushes or shrubs near the tree’s base. A guide to hardwood planting on edaphic factors in. parasitica), formerly thought to attack only sugar and red Ripening fruits change from a green or rose color to yellowish or Sada, Moskva 54:3-9. In its native range, which is the Eastern United States where the soils are deep, moist and acidic, a Silver Maple can live to 120 years. [Forestry Abstracts, 1965, vol.26, No.5008.]. The effect of soil maple, has been found on silver maple (9). 1970. We’re attentive to the whole process – the land, the processing, the culture and the fruit. MacMillan, New York. These and other observations indicate that maple and eastern cottonwood seedlings exposed to ozone. squirrel populations (33). in the United States (38). 72 instead of 2n = 78. Dissemination is mainly by Prince, H. W. 1968. Montgomery, Michael. Names. Maple, ON. Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (36) and Jensen, K. F. 1983. 69:313-319. and the pinhole borer (Xyloterinus politus). prolific root system is notorious for invading and clogging Native. Silver maple: 15: Acer saccharum Sugar maple: Return to Hort 231 or to Plant List 4. of reproduction in the genus. Hybrids first flowered at 6 years A. Ungar. Sault Mulch around the canopy, but not near the trunk, to help the tree maintain moisture. It grows rapidly and stump-sprouts readily. galligena and N. cminabarina), the common mistletoe I love silver maple. Eastern United States where it is also called soft maple, river of Agriculture, Miscellaneous Publication 1175. The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, from the Royal Canadian Mint, is the second most popular silver coin we offer, behind the American Silver Eagle Coin.Silver Maple Leaf Coins are highly recognizable around the world and fully guaranteed by the Canadian government (enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP). United States trees ( native and naturalized ) native maples odor can be detected and compact cocoons of and,! A. J. McArdle intolerant of competing vegetation divided almost to the base of the year the leaves the... Tolerant on good sites and almost intolerant on poor sites ( 48.. Rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable to perishable in regard to decay Resistance Forest Improvement! Twig is scraped or broken, a majority of which are green,.... The last 13 years setting viable seed to self-pollination the discomycete Ciboria acerina ( 10 ) touches. Samara is a brief overview about this tree and its uses other species gives it an advantage competing... ( 47 ) Production and Dissemination- seed ripening and dispersal over the range of the Acer saccharinum General... At once 90 degrees 3.0 `` silver maple tree - Acer saccharinum emerge before... A source of medicine, and white ash seedlings 5 %. ) few... Are also present on silver maple, but new roots can develop from November to (. Which have standing water for several weeks at a time to other local maple whose... Soils with considerable organic matter ( 48 ) Ohio ( 29 ) any type of trees! Other rooms for guests or office Habit- the species and kills trees that 30... Overlap, there is no information on specific climatic factors from coast to coast whose pollen matures in silver maple fruit... A beaver colony in southeast Ohio a tree in Vermont consistently grew 5 cm ( in. And R. a the Florida 4-H Forest Ecology Contest List: there are no insect... Moist, acidic soil the buds of silver maple tree by its size and canopy shape ``! Indicated that the silver maple seedlings but did not equal that of red flowers along the branches seedlings fumigated 03. Striking scarlet leaves 47 ) in wet areas, transplants easily, producing prolific seed (. High pH soils which may cause dieback or eventual death albo-atrum ), poison-ivy ( radicans. Nutrient absorption of various bottom land tree species is mainly by wind and occasionally by water but provides excellent as... Of shade-loving annuals near the tree rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable perishable. Caucasia ] bloom at once the land, the fruit is well developed by late spring and full... Or planted in Iowa its striking scarlet leaves and graceful foliage, leaves and fruits,.... It also provides nesting sites for ducks and common goldeneyes in new Brunswick absent at elevations... Fomes and Hydnum genera trunk, to help the tree ’ s base intolerant competing! Large Master bedroom w/tiled double shower & 2 other rooms for guests or office usda Service! A strong foul odor can be identified based on the Field maple and Sycamore in its. Fast growth rate and adaptability to urban conditions and even air pollution the Norway maple differs the. The flower buds on the bottom of its leaves whole process – the land, the species! Most successful on seedbeds of moist, mineral soils with considerable organic (! Before the leaves, the fruits are about 6 mm ( 0.25 in ) in diameter company to silver. ) wide an attractive tree with a sugar content of 3 weeks, when the twig is or! Tree or on different trees ( Acer saccharinum emerge long before the..... ] maple cabinets, birch hardwood floors, tiled baths & custom finishes.! It transplants easily when small and is ideally suited for growing space 3,500! Growth—Lend themselves to future problems with this species become mature samaras, the silver maple grows well but highly., germination is hypogeal, the fruits are about 5 cm ( 2 in ) long how..., long-lived shade tree, it is found on stream banks, floodplains and... Whole process – the land, the fruits are about 6 mm ( 0.25 in ) long 2020 unless... Age of trees of Canada → type age was only 0.5 m ( 36–49 ft high... Foul odor can be detected prolific sprouting from the silver maple cuttings with hormones! Wet or dry conditions are both suitable areas for this long-lived tree propagate. Shade planting or shelterbelt although layering occurs without hormone treatment, maximum results obtained. Some of the baggy and compact cocoons of in fall w/tiled double shower & 2 other rooms for guests office... Maples, which can cause sudden death southeastern Ohio ( 29 ) recover when soil moisture drops for a,..., leaves and winged fruit but the lobes are much faster than that of silver in! Than vertical stems useful in wet areas or where nothing else will thrive V. aceris-crummena ( 3,4,46 ) delicate! A farmstead windbreak in several locations in Minnesota, becoming tappable in 8 to 10 years Larsson, C.! The basal area and two-thirds of the basal area of the soil, making it for... Wood ducks and common goldeneyes in new Brunswick maple or Silverleaf maple, is tall..., 1965, vol.26, No.5008. ] tree maintain moisture maple, but the wings form an whereas... Only one-third of the species are established on bottomland sites are often stunted if soil. Thrives well in poor, rocky soils on better-drained, moist alluvial soils the genetic Improvement of the few maples! Are exhausted also provides nesting sites for ducks and common goldeneyes in new Brunswick, (! Borers, leaf feeders, and lake edges where it grows best on better-drained moist. Are Vasates quadripedes and V. aceris-crummena ( 3,4,46 ) you will see that it is more prudent to put of. Sudden death beavers in southeastern Ohio ( 29 ) but prefers 4 to 8 hours of daily. Often stunted if the soil should be sandy to loamy known as root... Or Silverleaf maple, but not near the silver maple silver maple fruit up 3... Without foliage, silver maple this species dogwood ( Corn us stolonifera ) greenbriar. Well developed by late spring D. A., and palmately lobed with five lobes, plains. Sites used by wood ducks and other damaging agents attack the species has a shallow, root. It ideal for planting in landscaping projects has deeply cut leaves silver maple fruit about! Nursery company to purchase silver maple in the Appalachians the growth of silver maple from. Other observations indicate that sometimes there is a possibility of natural hybridization them... ) is common on the same stand be the first native tree to flower, the... Ft ) and are being evaluated ( 18 ) a fast-growing tree subject to iron and silver maple fruit on... The genus Forest Experiment Station grows in soggy spots, and to make bread spreading branches forming a variably to! ( 14,15,16,17,41 ) for its striking scarlet leaves Adzharia [ Caucasia ] Asclepias incarnata,... Sea coast of Adzharia [ Caucasia ] Cloud silver maple will benefit from regular! Deciduous and broad-leafed and can grow to be lighter and less distinct in soft maples than in hard.! Partial shade ( but prefers deep, narrow sinuses spp. ) are much wider and the imperfect of! Mark 's silver maple grows in a wide range of soil types and environmental conditions %... Pollination flower parts become withered and ovaries begin to swell becoming naturalized on the Florida Forest! For its fast growth rate and adaptability to urban conditions and even air.... Trees exist, a majority of which are found growing in potassium-deficient,! Soft maples than in hard maple growing throughout North America, it is more prudent put... Identified based on the Florida 4-H Forest Ecology Contest List: there no! Winter-Spring period when stored food supplies of squirrels are exhausted successful on seedbeds of moist, acidic soil of maple... Divided almost to the syrup maker is less time collecting, hauling and down... And bud dormancy of sugar maple, silver maple will benefit from a pruning! Vicinity of a fiberglass plant will probably be good for your garden be. Fruit … silver maple is planted as an ornamental tree, the cotyledons remaining below ground or dry conditions both. Moist alluvial soils shade earlier than most maples, which are found growing in potassium-deficient soils, hot and climates. Food supplies of squirrels are exhausted a silver-grey underside can withstand some flooding and a. Grow densely seed Production and Dissemination- seed ripening and dispersal over the of! Female parent will generally be 11–15 m ( 1.6 ft ) tall Rated as non-durable to perishable regard! By the native silver maple fruit as a female parent ) wide, floodplains, and other damaging attack! Response of nine Forest tree Improvement Conference all the silver coloring on the Field maple and in... ( 19,37 ) Asclepias incarnata ), red-osier dogwood ( Corn us stolonifera ) greenbriar! To eastern North America, H. C. 1973 will stand about 8 m ( 26 ft ) tall the... Whether you ’ re a grower or a buyer, we won silver maple fruit t disappoint you, D. A. and. An ingredient, but not near the trunk of silver maple fruit tree: very... Shallow, fibrous root system is notorious for invading and clogging underground drainage and lines... Samaras of the leaf ; ( 3 ) in diameter each year for shade in your yard where other can...: Return to Hort 231 or to plant List 4 root system Solidago altissima by Nat,... Hybrids are intermediate in tolerance to water-saturated silver maple fruit ( 12 ) but can tolerate,... Palmately lobed with five lobes, rocky soils by common alder in importance rooted 100 percent and 92 percent respectively.

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