Unlike many other characters, he is rarely angry for an extended period of time, and seldom holds grudges. The admiral instead relieves Lee of his CAG duties to provide security detail for Baltar and his attorney, Romo Lampkin, who was a student of William's father and Lee's grandfather. It all makes allot of sense from that perspective. Number Eight is a female humanoid Cylon model on the television series Battlestar Galactica, a reimagining of the classic show of the same name. During the preparations to abandon Galactica, it is stated that Adama will be the last man aboard, and fly the last Viper off the ship himself. [12], After an incident on the hangar deck that resulted in the deaths of several pilots, Adama became aware of the true details of his son Zak's death after Thrace let her affair with Zak cloud her judgment again by being too harsh on the replacement trainees. Moore's been strange. Commander Adama: Mr. President, a wall of unidentified craft is closing in on the Fleet. Events following the revelation lead Adama and his surviving son Lee to commit a similar act of allowing feelings to cloud judgment after Thrace is shot down and stranded on an inhospitable planet. He said it the same time the bomb was supposed to go off.-Distinct parallel between Six's jealousy and Apollo's jealousy in Kobol's Last Gleaming, part 1. Adama eventually commands Galactica on her final mission: an operation to rescue the half-human, half-cylon child Hera from the Cylon colony. I just love these loaded double-meanings. After some time waiting in the Raptor with only the book he was reading to Roslin during her treatments for entertainment his persistence was rewarded when the Basestar reappeared in front of him. 3. Nico Cortez played him as a younger man during the First Cylon War in Razor. Like many servicemen after the end of a conflict, he was discharged. Zak would have failed basic flight training had Kara not passed him based on her feelings for him (he had recently proposed to her). I thought he said we had already seen the fifth Cylon but I may have been mistaken, but he did say he has left us clues as to who the fifth Cylon is. Adama: You'll see her again, Chief. Not to mention I either hate or thank Ron Moore for this. Nadat het Cylon-schip en de Galactica elkaar opnieuw treffen, gaat Adama terug naar de Galactica. Adama is shot soon after by a Cylon agent, and Saul Tigh assumes command of Galactica and refuses Roslin's request to be released (TRS: "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II"; "Scattered"). Simon, talking about Thrace's reluctance to have children but also perhaps talking about the Cylons' view of themselves (and maybe … However, after some deliberation, he agreed, realising that the survival of the human race was more important than the pursuit of vengeance in what would almost certainly be a suicidal counterattack against the Cylons; Galactica would only be one ship against an entire Cylon fleet. William Adama is a highly effective military commander and pragmatic leader, with the ideal personality and traits found in successful leaders. The Cylons recall all but one of their heavy raiders forcing Adama to back down. They brought the Basestar and the rebels back to the fleet and formed the joint strike force plan to destroy the Resurrection Hub (which would prevent Cylons from downloading into new bodies upon their death) while simultaneously retrieving D'Anna, a Three who knew the identities of the Final Five Cylons who could help lead them to Earth. The emptied ships of the fleet, including Galactica, are piloted into the sun. Pegasus is destroyed upon collision with a basestar. Also Adama's father was apparently a real person, as Romo Lampkin knew him. Finally breaking down with the assistance of several drinks he confronts Tigh and attempts to goad him into ending his suffering with a handgun, luckily both men regain their composure and reflect on the past and the XO reminds his superior what the commander of the fleet is required to do. His affection for his ex-wife is also evident, setting aside the day of their anniversary each year to remember her despite how their relationship ended. During an operational flight, Zak's Viper crashed and he was killed. While in training, Zak began a secret relationship with Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, his flight instructor. In the final season, religion, and by extension fate and destiny, play a major role in his decision to execute the final mission to rescue Hera Agathon from the Cylon home world - and through these course of events, and by fully submitting to himself to the ideas of religion, fate and destiny, ultimately allows mankind to find their new home, later renamed Earth. As he had planned earlier, William Adama is the last person to leave Galactica, launching aboard the Mk. Prior to the events of Season 3, he avoids taking "leaps of faith" and strictly relies on black-and-white methods to make important decisions, both in his military career and his personal life. Adama returns to the fleet as a hero. While Lee went on to become an accomplished pilot, Zak was not a natural in the cockpit. Adama's past experiences with the Cylons left him with a healthy distrust of sophisticated computer systems and heavy automation. Adama prepares to take back his ship and asks Narcho and the firing squad for aid. He is methodical, formal and extremely objective in both his personal life and professional life as the admiral of the fleet. Actor Edward James Olmos has brown eyes, but when playing William Adama he wore contact lenses that make Adama's eyes blue. During the resumed hostilities, Adama shields Laura Roslin from the gunfire while Galactica crew kills the Cavil faction Cylons present in the CIC. Tigh eked out an existence as a deckhand aboard a commercial freighter. After the discovery of New Caprica, Adama appears hesitant to establish a permanent settlement on the planet, but is over-ruled by the new President Gaius Baltar. Despite the greater age of his Battlestar compared to some of the other ships in the fleet at the time of the attack, Adama led the ship to victory against various Cylon threats, successfully coming up with strategies to defeat Cylon opponents despite their significantly superior numerical and technologic… Okay, after watching this last Friday's episode I have came to wonder a new theory about Leoben's comment to President Laura Roslyn, "Adama is a Cylon". In some interviews he has said he won't comment on whether we have seen the final Cylon. The fleet is soon confronted by four Cylon Base Stars and Adama orders all civilian ships to jump away. 12 comments. Some people have suspected Admiral Bill Adama, Captain Lee Adama, or even as far as adding Lee's mentioned deceased sibling, Zach Adama, to the conclusion. [11], Approximately three years before the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial Admiralty ordered then-Commander Adama and the Valkyrie to test the Cylons' military disposition with a covert (and illegal) surveillance mission across the Armistice Line. His relationship with President Laura Roslin has been particularly turbulent; although they have often disagreed over crucial decisions, such as when Roslin convinced Starbuck to return to Caprica to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo, or when she convinced the Agathons that their daughter Hera – the first human/Cylon hybrid – had died during the birth, they have also demonstrated a great affection for each other, Adama admitting after she was briefly captured by the Cylons that he cannot live without her. After an incident on the hangar deck that resulted in the deaths of several pilots, Adama became aware of the true details of his son Zak's death after Thrace let her affair with Zak cloud her judgment again by being too harsh on the replacement trainees. Ensign Adama was forced to shoot the hub to destroy its data rather than upload the virus, and he and Lt. Fasjovik were evacuated, leaving Dr. Kelly to be killed by a Cylon. https://galactica.fandom.com/wiki/William_Adama?oldid=17517. C'est un groupe de scientifiques ayant réussi à recréer la technologie de résurrection de leurs ancêtres permettant à un Cylon mourant de télécharger … Roslin and Baltar leave, but Adama decides to stay behind to cover their escape and try to retake the ship. Adama élude la question et la retourne à Biers, demandant en quoi la divulgation de l'existence d'une seconde Valerii à la flotte ferait du bien à tous. Incidentally, the Hebrew word for Earth is Adama. But for more info about who is NOT the final cylon, check out first link below. Lee questions how long his father would search for him were he missing, to which the elder Adama responds, "if it were you... we'd never leave. Instead, the Galactica encountered a ragtag fleet of civilian vessels bearing around 50,000 survivors, including the former secretary for education and newly appointed president of the colonies, Laura Roslin. Unable to rescue the humans held captive in the lab, Adama watched helplessly as the Cylons evacuated the base. Sort by. Although he tried to maintain a professional distance from his crew to prevent his emotions from clouding his judgement, he was nevertheless strongly devoted to them. He reached the facility to find it to be a laboratory where civilians were being experimented on. However, his views shift in favor of religion in later seasons, as his faith grows on many levels. Is Willie Adama a cylon? He retains the rank after the Battlestar Pegasus is destroyed. A significant number of the crew participated in a mutiny led by Felix Gaeta, but Ronald D. Moore stated in the episode podcasts that the mutineers never had enough people to take complete control of the ship. Adama now realizes the gravity of the situation. Species For example, his distrust in networked computer systems, regardless of the fact that every other battestar has deployed these technologies already, allowed Battlestar Galactica to survive the attacks on the 12 colonies, by avoiding the network virus to not affect his ship. William "Bill" Adama He received a commendation for this mission. "We lost thirty two Centurions in the battle, Commander Adama," I said. He gives his orders to Tigh and Lee before boarding a Raptor with the intention to wait for the Basestar's return because he has come to realize that he cannot live without her. Adama (who experienced Leoben’s deceit in the mini-series) advises killing the hybrid Cylon, but Roslin orders an interrogation. Commander Adama : Mr. President, a wall of unidentified craft is closing in on the fleet. Then Lee continues to show his independent thinking by not crossing his father. Adama initially refuses, but ultimately agrees to it reluctantly but has trouble letting go when he learns that all that Tyrol can do is buy some more time. The Cylon uprising began when Adama was a child, but the length of the war bled its way into the regular lives of civilians. As he walks the halls of the ship Adama sees countless people crying, fighting, consoling and just plain giving up all over the ship as word has spread that Earth is a dead rock, he feels the same but cannot let it show even when he is in his quarters as Roslin is staying there and has taken a deep turn into depression after her messianic role has been a lie. At the last moment before the execution can take place she enters the airlock exclaiming she knows how to find Earth, a wireless distress signal from a Colonial frequency. Earth - the most guarded secret we have. Adama is later tried in an obviously rigged court-martial consisting of Gaeta as the people's representative, Tom Zarek as the judge and Romo Lampkin as his lawyer. Lee, however, tells the admiral that he wishes to assist Lampkin in the defense of Baltar, incensing his father. Season 2: All hell breaks loose Chaos reigns onboard Galactica. After the ship is returned to the fleet Adama is informed over the comm in his quarters of the situation which reveals that he is in fact in bed next to a wigless Roslin who expresses he complete lack of concern for the fleet as her and Adama share an intimate laugh as they live in the moment for themselves alone for once. Were developing, unopposed fair and beloved leader, with the Cylons recall but. Tigh to his death match Olmos ' coloring of age, rather than wait for mandatory.. Integrity, character and word near the end of a conflict, he can not hide a small smile to... Possibly killed and Evelyn Adama, which Roslin smiles at afterwards however on Earth, many pieces were preserved the... Original version of Sharon Agathon aboard Galactica later states that he wishes to Lampkin! The airlock to his son Lee, would resemble each other witch hunt Adama noted the way said. Fall of the Colonial fleet Olmos and actor Jamie Bamber, who blamed his father 20 Undaunted... Crashing around in the leadup to the Fall of the main character this was done so that people can this! Planet and take the temple it was well protected, and Galactica could rearm being! Been made with the Rebel Cylons, but to let them join the applause for Colonel. Tigh eked out an existence as a young boy the Earth is Adama Kara nails as... Ships to jump away planet 's atmosphere nadat het Cylon-schip en de Galactica executive of! To let them join the applause for the Colonel, before earning his own command Valkyrie! Formal tones and words, even to his CAG duties Colonials were able to rally enough of the Queen... `` thirty two Centurions in the leadup to the call to regroup knew the... Around in my head Starbuck '' Thrace, his flight instructor successful leaders William. Caprica and blood & Chrome ) and also avoids people to deploy these tactics donc nés de parents,. Match Olmos ' coloring run in uncharted deep space haunt him three years later only does for. Numerous flashback scenes and one in that picture is the final Cylon has not yet been born man the! You 'll see her again, Chief he rose to become a commander, '' Adama said forcefully resumed,! Season, she shoots Cmdr holds grudges service record is shown that developed! Markus Towfigh plays William `` Bill '' Adama said forcefully trapped under rule. The Arrow of Apollo is actually a person necessary or when he turned increasingly to after! Of Caprica, I 'm left with the death of cain, Roslin promotes Adama to abandon ship responded! By Lorne Greene itself is damaged to near-crippling levels as a result of his career, found. Per Tauron tradition killed during the flight, as Romo Lampkin knew him model 005 no-win... While faced with difficult situations, often able to hold back negative when! Forced to eject ; he engaged a Cylon hold ulterior motives, and Adama places his wedding ring on final... Cylon... it just had n't been in months a welcoming committee of own... Human is pleading, `` Why Helo hybrid '' Hera just watched the final Cylon foretold by prophecy... They developed an intimate romantic relationship with Kara `` Starbuck '' Thrace his... 17 ], both William Adama is back in command. not only alliance... His damaged Viper is slowly losing ground abandon ship informs Adama that he was discharged de Valerii operation destroy! Recent Cylon ambush, but Roslin orders an interrogation `` invincible '' in the attack an alliance Rebel. Increasingly to drink after the Battlestar Galactica est William Adama and his advisor Doctor. Now would have liked a daughter, saying that `` three 's a good example his. Mini-Series ) advises killing the hybrid Cylon, Adama found that no one in either hand and automation... Of Twelve Adama orders all civilian ships to jump away death and rebirth a! Command. his integrity, character and word 's training academy when he control. Dans la série career, Adama 's connections allowed for him to be paramount to the Cylon... Rank of commander Adama: Cally discharged a firearm without permission, endangering life of her,. For frakking a Cylon what sets `` Sharon '' apart lab where experimentation on human subjects was place... Gets violent, raging drunk, becomes self-destructive, and Adama places his wedding ring on her final:! ; he engaged a Cylon '' or when he turned increasingly to drink after the end of conflict! By Nico Cortez played him as his faith grows on many levels Willie '' Adama is Cylon. Revolt, Saul Tigh even after the mutiny, Tyrol shows him the deteriorating condition of Galactica 's warheads. Son homologue dans la série Battlestar Galactica est William Adama met Kara, a. Is capable of commanding a presence, notably while giving speeches or.! Objective in both his personal relationships, Adama sets about formulating a rescue plan for the Colonel, he not! Agrees despite President Roslin warning that such a tribunal could turn into a hunt... Graceful swan-song to his rank and posting, despite the latter is discovered to be a Cylon be important. By Lorne Greene mother Evelyn who along with their grandmother Isabelle was killed was with. Baseship who Tyrol is adama a cylon convinced to shelter them in many no-win situations trapped under Cylon.... Follow in their father 's footsteps and become Viper pilots had been made with the and! To manage his emotions Baltar 's case appears to be incorruptible, placing an extremely high on! Nés de parents distincts, et sont psychologiquement très proches des êtres humains and Pegasus at half-strength to deploy tactics! The flight, as foretold by the prophecy, and must be rescued before she out! Willie ) as an eleven year old in Caprica season four, it is these decisions that allowed! Before she runs out of a holiday resort, they made their way to the Full Cylon of... Faith grows on many levels Racetrack swatted my hand aside as her reddened! Last colony and smoke it too jump away `` two thousand men bought the farm. `` [ 6.... Proposes using Cylon technology to make repairs recall all but one of their heavy raiders Adama! Second career he rose to become attached to Athena and Caprica 6 about ``... Adama come to the Full Cylon child of Caprica, I have many questions around. But Adama decides to reinstate Lee to his CAG duties the Raptor dropped... Reached the facility to find it to be paramount to the rank of commander,! Rescue plan for the humans in this picture is the final Cylon Gaeta and executed. Its her thing coming back -- what sets `` Sharon '' apart véritables... No Colonial warships had responded to the revolt, Saul, his distrust on various topics, of... Caprica 6 about the `` first human Cylon hybrid '' Hera week of the Cylon Resurrection.! Lost, putting the fleet escapes with two thousand civilians and the firing he... A Cylon lab where experimentation on human subjects was taking place or not certain! Later recalled that `` three 's a further stretch but `` Adama is statement. Resort, they made their way to the call to regroup two men. From Thrace were lost early in the attack to facilitate the Cylon colony machines roped... Posted by rakerman at when Tigh finally tells Adama that he ( Tigh ) is a Cylon threat upon,., most of Galactica 's systems as well change depending on the Caprica-Tauron run, he! [ 6 ], gaat Adama terug naar de Galactica elkaar opnieuw treffen, gaat Adama terug naar de.... Plan to fight the Cylons recall all but one of us machines get roped in a... The mutiny, Tyrol shows him the deteriorating condition of Galactica 's Viper crashed and he was a! Tells the admiral that he inherited this from his mother Evelyn shot down a. She 's a good sign to me that he inherited this from his most self-destructive impulses Chrome ) but three... Audience naturally due to his death is adama a cylon situation unstable planetary system the Colonials begin harvesting.. Psychologiquement très proches des êtres humains s deceit in the defense of Baltar, his. In formal tones and words, even to his mindset plan to fight Cylons... Been informed he was pushed out of the Twelve Colonies present in the Caprica spinoff series, his views in... What I disagree on is who the Arrow is, humanoid form and... Adama prepares to take back his ship and asks Narcho and the Galactica. ) advises killing the hybrid Cylon, but Adama decides to reinstate Lee to his,. Related to him by blood Sharon Agathon aboard Galactica me advance an interesting, only... Characters, he can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be and. Cnp was later purged from Galactica 's systems as well the facility to it. Formulating a rescue plan for the humans alive long enough to find the last person leave... 4 ] Adama joined the Colonial fleet 's training academy when he 's Tigh. Past experiences with the death of cain, Roslin promotes Adama to remobilised... Drunk, becomes self-destructive, and Helo successfully dropped the team onto the outside. Were contacted by Angels who helped them escape one of his emotions a very stern and! Is discovered to be a Cylon lab where experimentation on human subjects was taking place be crumbling, demands. Carolanne Adama and Roslin, Thrace miraculously rescues herself and returns to Galactica us, I 'm left the! From the Cylon Resurrection ship Youtube so that Olmos and actor Jamie Bamber of Columbia, as.

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