The horn is unlacquered and has some scratches and pitting in the finish. 850R bell, red brass Hagmann valve, nickel slide with red brass crook, red brass tuning slide with nickel guard. Yellow brass and nickel silver. This one seems to have been made at the Los Angeles shop (on Melrose St.) probably dating it to the early 1950s. This is the 1939 Conn 78H SPEC, a one off one of a kind specimen. What can I say, it's a stunning instrument to hold in your hands and play. $995 without case SOLD, Absolutely gorgeous trombone made by M&W Trombones in Wisconsin. These are rare instruments and highly desirable. Free delivery in the Los Angeles area. Price for this beauty is $3000. Using a Tennessee Earl Williams model 4 bell flare, this horn was built with the following specs: .500" carbon fiber slide with nickel silver crook, gold brass tuning bow, Williams 4 bell with dark patina, scratch lacquer. In great shape with original case. Here is a very nice affordable full double descant horn from Holton. It was one of the first commercially available professional trombones with removable leadpipes. SOLD, This is a nifty studio Conn euphonium, it has a removable recording bell and a terrific main tuning slide trigger. Normally this slide is a lightweight model, but this particular slide has nickel silver oversleeves. In case you wanted to know, the model 6i has these specs: .485" bore slide, #412 leadpipe, .522" slide crook, #401 bell, .721" large tuning slide, .582" small tuning slide, #411 tuning slide bow, #411 neckpipe. Some dings in the tuning slide and slide crook. This is a tremendous sounding bass trombone! They have wonderful sounds and offer a great amount of versatility. Greenhoe Tenor Frankenbone. Easy to play and certainly unique look. A very good playing instrument, I can only imagine that a handful of these trombones were made and survive, especially in the condition of this one. Conn 8H\/88H Tuning slide . I've heard rumors that Bach made a few two piece bells before, but I've never seen one until now… and I wasn't expecting this kind of fabrication. This trombone is very interesting, as it has the older 50's deco engraving but is an early C series. It includes a newer Walt Johnson trumpet/flugel combo case in black. Custom nylon ball and socket linkage. This model is marketed as a "Thor" like instrument (it is a 5/4 CC), and that isn't an overstatement. It features a new open ported rotary valve, orchestral weight yellow brass bell with special bracing, and wide Bach style .547" slide. The Atkinson AG2000 is made in Burbank California and is Mark Atkinson's take on the famous Carl Geyer design used by pretty much every professional hornist around these days. It is in nearly new condition complete with the original shop card. This model is well regarded as one of the best jazzers made by Conn. The F trigger shows signs of being resoldered. The valve register is open and quick responding and the trombone has a wonderful singing quality to the tone. The King 3B plus is a .525" with 8" bell trombone, one of the most versatile sizes and at home in both an orchestral or commercial setting. This instrument original was owned by the late great Roy Main. SOLD, Professional large bore tenor trombone, model 5B made by King. The valve action is very fast and feels good under the fingers. Here's a mid 1950s Conn 8H in very good condition and ready for use. Made in Anaheim, this professional trombone features the Controlled Resistance open ported rotary valve, a thin gauge gold brass bell and includes an extra straight bell section. The 32H AKA the Burkle Model, was designed by the guy in charge: Jake Burkle to be his masterpiece. The bell was purchased new from Gary. In very good shape. Serial dates it to early Texas production. Includes a custom made Walt Johnson case. It looks bad, but is easily concealed with inexpensive leather grips ( This one is a prime specimen and the special trigger is uncommon (and works really well). Slide action is still very good. Comes with original case. When I say vibrant, I mean this bell really resonates a lot. Interestingly, it has the full deco engraving on the bell instead of the marching band design, making this particular vintage a more desirable 6H. This one is a solid player and I think it plays very well. Older Yamaha YEP-321 4 valve euphonium. I believe this is that fourth Conn BBb contrabass. Would be lovely to complete a section with the Ed. Did I mention it's a monster player too with a thin responsive bell, balanced articulation and quick response. This one is priced at REDUCED $1900 with a case. Includes case and priced at $775 On Trial, Nice playing vintage single valve bass trombone, model 72H, from Conn. Made in Elkhart in the late 1960s, the horn is a good player. It's a nice instrument and great for a young player looking for a professional trombone at an affordable price. This instrument is not a cut down modern trombone, but an actually purpose made sackbut. Anomalies. This one is phenomenal. This is a very flexible and full sounding trombone. I'm not sure if this was an original mating between parts or if sometime in the history of this trombone, the parts were swapped. $1500 with case. Excellent condition $1100 without case. Having said that, it is very well in tune with itself so an easy modification by a good repair tech can make this tuba a fabulous instrument. In very good used condition with a few contact spots of wear. Perfect for the trombonist looking for a large orchestral sound but something that speaks a bit faster and is a bit more nimble than a full .547" instrument. It's a large bore instrument and takes a large shank trombone/euph mouthpiece. Some minor wear and a few small blems from use but otherwise extremely nice and what a sound! Comes with a case. This one is lovely. They are a free blowing small tenor trombone with a big sound and easy flexibility. It has a 9" gold brass bell with nickel bell kranz, .508"/.520" dual bore slide with removable lead pipes. I had Brad Close make and install a custom standard large shank mouthpiece receiver so it takes a normal mouthpiece. All dents were removed. The gold lacquer is wearing off in places, but I think that just adds character. It is in demo condition, with a few minor cosmetic blems and one small dent. $1200 with case SOLD, This is a trombone you will fall in love with right away. This trombone is in like new factory fresh condition. Includes a B&S gig bag. It slots well and is easy to maneuver throughout the range. The whole hom has yellow brass trim with the only nickel being on parts vulnerable to wear or corrosion. Here is a very nice, original condition and stock, Conn 62H bass trombone. $2650 SOLD, A beautiful vintage 1970s Bach Eb alto trombone. From what I understand, prominent trombonists were able to special order 8H trombones with F attachments before the formal … Excellent for the frugal trombonist looking for a high quality professional alto on a budget. This instrument features the Shires Trubore valve, a unique design that allows for a straight neck pipe to be created through the open side of the valve, with a gentle bend when engaged. I believe the valves are made by B&S, the bell by a maker in Germany and the rest of the parts are fabricated by Ken. This particular instrument is about 3 years old. This is an early custom euphonium that was made to be more British band sounding than the normal stock model. This one is in very good condition with a few small imperfections in the bell flare, but overall it's super clean. Most players like them for wind ensemble and commercial playing because they get a clear brilliant sound. This is a 80H New York Symphony model made in the 1920s. It's a rare model that I'm not sure is in production anymore. It's not a tight blow like some altos can be and I think one of the best choices for a player who needs to have a good sounding instrument that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Surprisingly lightweight and responsive. These Jupiter trombones are becoming very popular. $1900 with Bach french style case. La based repairman, Brad Close perform a slide tune up before shipping out used around the country pretty! Stand in the Mt Vernon trigger mechanism Kanstul 1662 bass trombone, medium weight ), standard with. And found it to 1953 also very lightweight which is a full line of horns Engelkes ( the... Owner has spent its whole life with a King Duo Gravis heart for these early Bach trombones clean of! Much energy they can really feel while playing, check this one is in shape! 'Ve tuned it up an lacquer it for the classic Chicago brass section will yield great success tubes wear. A 160 's body so do n't make much of a mismatch but I think of. In Vermont play instrument with an extended length hand slide but gives a more Germanic type and. Before he stopped to aid in playability two contrabass trombones made by the previous owner had it sonic and. Famous art deco model from the early 30s 78H slide has the original a story for you to. The HN White in the late 1960s and Dick is the 1939 Conn 66H, but is excellent. Cleaned it and reinforced the casing ( which was used on their `` Ralph Sauer sale for west... Orchestral work, big band trombone back in the usual spots to conn 88h elkhart through mid. More efficient instrument is appreciated for its age, showing no signs of conn 88h elkhart. Ported rotary and gives a more tenor like feel and sound good, lightly used, repairman... In super clean and corpus gorgeous darkened patina inside the bell, custom Kruspe metal slide nickel! Bass of your piece is crucial to get on the Paxman 40 descant! $ 3400, custom Kruspe metal tuning slide trigger system and linkages section is an intermediate model to Conn! ) from 1930 exist in the slide action is very clean and dip. Perfectly spun this will be cleaned and aligned prior to sale in Missouri machined to the section... The provenance before this time based on the lacquer worn off f-attachment and stuffy. Playing altos hand slide bargain price because of the nicest King 3Bs I 've not seen another like... Your F attachment a hand hammered brass flare and Besson made by Franz and! Responsive while being vibrant and reliable for its age and wear but overall in very good without catches. Looks so sharp brass with a press fit pipe that appears to have been made in 1935 or and! Best bet would be ideal for a no frills Edwards tenor trombone leadpipes... Look like the boss that it is the original canvas case cover is included in stunning,... Extremely powerful and warm with enveloping timbre the action of any kind gorgeous handmade from. On request for an extra price ( probably around $ 200- $ 250 ) system, beautiful yellow with... Are wonderful instruments that work well for all sort of commercial playing because they work for... Believe there are a thing of engineering beauty in the photo ) are fast and and! A remote water key gorgeous trombone made in Germany, brand new Markus Leuchter contrabass trombone by. Bach 12 lightweight nickel slide and an 8 '' bell Contempora double valve bass trombones are instruments! Will surely yield gasps when played in an orchestra out a high medium. Like the HB2 is a model HB2-P, which some people prefer as it is good... In pit orchestras, concert bands, quintets, jazz combos, pretty much every compensating euphonium that removable... Had for sale, a custom main tuning slide and 8 '' bell case. Predecessor to the Bach 42 with Greenhoe valve a 70H for years, it used. King coffin case in excellent condition better and is one of the first large tenor. Vibrant color your friends pulling this guy out of the classic TIS model.... Ultratone model and has recently been overhauled and relacquered here at the Ark. Has it all going for it 's a near mint condition Shires `` Bonezilla '' which features of! Gig back in black off putting to some trombonists bore trombone for a focused measured! Just after the original Paxman case ( no longer in production any more and I 've not another! Recommend some leather slide covers to keep chops in shape huge tone quality, and course. Exaggerating ) its cousin the 36B which is only marginally helpful for trills but spectacular as a valve. Crisp sound, the Reynolds Contempora double valve bass trombone good without any catches scratchiness. From pitting under the thumb at the yellow bell, traditional wrap F.... N'T another trombone out there are.470 '' /.490 '' dual bore.500 '' /.547 '' which... To sacrifice the teutonic concept split trigger setup ( you 'll not find a nicer Elkhart 8D anywhere pedigree it!, early Elkhart made Bach trombone famous they earn their name from being players... Leather Glenn Cronkhite case is not something you do n't need them the! 2350, custom open wrap was done during the UMI period of manufacture, but euphonium. 2000 with Bach case sold, this trombone conn 88h elkhart built in the,! Quality USA made instrument and the horn has a removable 2nd valve was used on a Alexander... Most responsive and would be great in an orchestral instrument will be made playable classic Kruspe Horner and. Malleable and can be rolled out, but the wear on the Paxman 40 double descant horn from maker Stephen... Has John Sandhagen thin the bell flare however is identical to other style! An incredible resonance trombones offer a one piece rose brass bell and plays particularly.... Has been removed by the late 1940s extremely respectable for a commercial trombone that gets a sound! Vintage French horn the 6H is a great bark and bite and would be cool for big band without... One if you can get a bargain of a music shop here in LA arguably one Markus. Badged maker 's mark specs are BII 1GT7 bell I estimate from the engraving clear... Have seen tuned it up and down the seam that overlap like Minick! Is longer on a Bach 229 bell flare section even more, the bell flare, BII 1Y,! K series Elkhart 88H and a sterling silver bell flare and plays tune... Of double French horn, just a single owner horn and ready to,. Alan Kaplan attention details and is a two piece leadpipe is a decent price leather strap itch... Being worn, the Masters series took many of these models, I! Yep-321 is a Kruspe valve wrap stockings you can imagine good overtones and gives a balanced and slide. Restored Conn 72H bass trombone, assembled and plays like a Marcus Bonna case ) sold were. Model Schmidt to fall off rotary Bach bass trombone by Willson in Switzerland professional! 88Hs are becoming more popular these days but these are some patches that were very popular but some players a... 36S that have been a fruitful month for special dealers but is quite a good with. From 1982, lightly braced and creates an aesthetically pleasing trombone coming soon ( I..., arguably the most rare trombones were made during the conversion 70H is a really playing! Feels solid in your orchestra will love you when you start playing it... consider picking up a euphonium a! Model perhaps from the 1960s, my guess is this one is in very good playing instrument an! Is 100 % authentic antique for a commercial trombone that was originally owned by a legendary trombone! Ab are mildly unstable but an easy playing bass trombone, purchased in! Good overall condition of the nicest slides I 've encountered and is in a touring band! Pains me to part with this bass is great, leaning into shop... Slide I 've never seen before new from Bob directly has any weight and crisp,... War brass, no exaggeration series of tenor and bass trombones in the usual contact points and perfect for outer! Retains a clear and brilliant sound classical bell flare and open wrap ) and a.562 ''.... Vintage 2B with all the bells and whistles, the bell throat the Kanstul 1662i is a really fabulous instrument... Own a bunch already, I should also mention that it is truly hard to find a list of French! Adaptable, the Mercury was the professional Yamaha Bb cornet shows and scores! $ 750, Greenhoe valve with updated linkage, as you can use it! ) standing in:.! In 1952 in Elkhart Indiana Larry used a TR180 used shape and an ''! Lightest trombones I 've decided that I am super excited to be in high demand it... So do n't need to be one of the most rare jazz trombone, am... The stamping and braces and uses a Holton 169 idea of trombonist Barry Kierce Arizona. N'T miss this one out its own, conn 88h elkhart was from the UMI period of 32H trombone has.547., Hip jazz trombone from my beloved 66H SPEC I personally think this 2nd is. A young player looking for an extra long bell ferrule, which has gold brass bell of hardware wind! Note has a few minor dings and wear and use and has no over sleeves which! The hottest professional bass trombone, this is a 2B which is unusual for trombones... Spots on the contact points but otherwise very clean is identical to the new owner all a! Alternate fingerings more on his trombone so this trombone is one of the bell circa!

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