A new column backend_type identifies the process type. This release contains a variety of fixes from 10.8. This is particularly helpful for queries that process many rows. This removes configure's --disable-integer-datetimes option. However, if you are upgrading from a version earlier than 10.11, see Section E.5. This parameter can be set lower than max_worker_processes to reserve worker processes for purposes other than parallel queries. New roles pg_monitor, pg_read_all_settings, pg_read_all_stats, and pg_stat_scan_tables allow simplified permission configuration. This allows SSL to be reconfigured without a server restart, by using pg_ctl reload, SELECT pg_reload_conf(), or sending a SIGHUP signal. These are similar to SERIAL columns, but are SQL standard compliant. This allows PL/Tcl queries to fail without aborting the entire function. Hello, since the next official release of Nuexo (LTS 2018) should include support for version 10 of the PostgreSQL database, can we estimate the release date of Nuxeo LTS 2018? to report a documentation issue. Previously, setting one of psql's special variables to an invalid value silently resulted in the default behavior. You can start testing with these releases. For more information see Section 37.4.8. Avoid failure when SQL function inlining changes the shape of a potentially-hashable subplan comparison expression (Tom Lane), While building or re-building an index, tolerate the appearance of new HOT chains due to concurrent updates (Anastasia Lubennikova, Álvaro Herrera). You can update existing rows using the UPDATE command. This allows a single index scan to dispatch parallel workers to process different areas of the heap. This change allows B-tree index pages to be searched by separate parallel workers. The former warning message about their use is removed. It will now generate an error. Previously, such characters were never recognized as belonging to locale-dependent character classes such as [[:alpha:]]. Add CREATE SEQUENCE AS command to create a sequence matching an integer data type (Peter Eisentraut). The reference number is, failed to find parent tuple for heap-only tuple, missing chunk number 0 for toast value NNN. The same could happen in GENERATED expressions, in branches that have that feature. Properly treat array pseudotypes (anyarray) as arrays in to_json() and to_jsonb() (Andrew Dunstan). PostgreSQL 7 PostgreSQL 7.0 was released mid-year in 2000. By default planning and execution time are displayed by EXPLAIN ANALYZE and are not displayed in other cases. (This also eliminates a performance issue from repeated DLL loads and unloads when a program performs a series of database connections. \unset on a special variable now explicitly sets the variable to its default value, which is also the value it acquires at startup. Add pgstattuple function pgstathashindex() to view hash index statistics (Ashutosh Sharma), Use GRANT permissions to control pgstattuple function usage (Stephen Frost). Change how logical replication uses pg_hba.conf (Peter Eisentraut). Remove support for floating-point timestamps and intervals (Tom Lane). Remove server support for client/server protocol version 1.0 (Tom Lane). Be more careful about fsync'ing in all required places in pg_basebackup and pg_receivewal (Michael Paquier), Add pg_basebackup option --no-sync to disable fsync (Michael Paquier), Improve pg_basebackup's handling of which directories to skip (David Steele), Add wait option for pg_ctl's promote operation (Peter Eisentraut), Add long options for pg_ctl wait (--wait) and no-wait (--no-wait) (Vik Fearing), Add long option for pg_ctl server options (--options) (Peter Eisentraut), Make pg_ctl start --wait detect server-ready by watching postmaster.pid, not by attempting connections (Tom Lane). This oversight could lead to failure of subsequent PITR recovery attempts. For information about new features in major release 10, see Section E.15. This adds a new -N/--exclude-schema option. There was previously an inconsistent mixture of the two terminologies. Make the various \d commands handle no-matching-object cases more consistently (Daniel Gustafsson). Andreas Kretschmer Never. There appear to be no ill effects from omitting the call, so do that. Unencrypted passwords migrated from older versions will be stored encrypted in this release. Increase the size of the default DH parameters used for OpenSSL ephemeral DH ciphers to 2048 bits (Heikki Linnakangas). Allow multi-dimensional arrays to be passed into PL/Python functions, and returned as nested Python lists (Alexey Grishchenko, Dave Cramer, Heikki Linnakangas). All PostgreSQL tutorials are simple, easy-to-follow and practical. Remove the ability to store unencrypted passwords on the server (Heikki Linnakangas). Allow waiting for commit acknowledgment from standby servers irrespective of the order they appear in synchronous_standby_names (Masahiko Sawada). This major release of Postgres-XL comes after Postgres-XL 9.5r1, which was based on PostgreSQL 9.5. As of this release, logical replication matches a normal entry with a database name or keywords such as all. Make pg_basebackup stream the WAL needed to restore the backup by default (Magnus Hagander). If a CREATE TABLE command uses both LIKE and traditional inheritance, column references in CHECK constraints and expression indexes that came from a LIKE parent table tended to get mis-numbered, resulting in wrong answers and/or bizarre error messages. The only way i've been able to do it so far is like this: SELECT user_id FROM user_logs WHERE login_date BETWEEN '2014-02-01' AND '2014-02-28' Add functions to remove and re-add BRIN summarization for BRIN index ranges (Álvaro Herrera). This prevents possible data loss in a subsequent operating system crash. In sum, a control variable now always has a displayable value that reflects what psql is actually doing. This was the most significant release in the history of PostgreSQL so far. A restrictive policy must match for access to be granted. Support using synchronized snapshots when dumping from a standby server (Petr Jelinek), Issue fsync() on the output files generated by pg_dump and pg_dumpall (Michael Paquier). This new function can also create SCRAM-SHA-256-encrypted passwords. Allow the password file name to be specified as a libpq connection parameter (Julian Markwort). Release Date: October 5, 2017. The current minor release is 11.5. With this change, array-type fields in the destination SQL type are properly converted from JSON arrays, and composite-type fields are properly converted from JSON objects. Improve performance of hot standby replay with better tracking of Access Exclusive locks (Simon Riggs, David Rowley), Speed up two-phase commit recovery performance (Stas Kelvich, Nikhil Sontakke, Michael Paquier), Add XMLTABLE function that converts XML-formatted data into a row set (Pavel Stehule, Álvaro Herrera), Fix regular expressions' character class handling for large character codes, particularly Unicode characters above U+7FF (Tom Lane). If they return different numbers of rows, the shorter results are extended to match the longest result by adding nulls. Add multi-column optimizer statistics to compute the correlation ratio and number of distinct values (Tomas Vondra, David Rowley, Álvaro Herrera). The stop operation has always done that. This complements the existing --startpos option. (01 Oct 2010) NA. ALTER SEQUENCE updates are now fully transactional, implying that the sequence is locked until commit. Release date: 2017-10-05. Previously columns declared as anyarray (particularly those in the pg_stats view) were converted to JSON strings rather than arrays. Also, when logging failure to bind a listening socket, include the specific address we attempted to bind to. Overhaul documentation build process (Alexander Lakhin), Use XSLT to build the PostgreSQL documentation (Peter Eisentraut). Any sanity-check failure generates a fatal error on the standby. This also includes almost all significant performance enhancements that were made to PostgreSQL in the last few years.. PostgreSQL 9.6 added query parallelism and PostgreSQL 10 added declarative partitioning. An attacker having permission to create non-temporary SQL objects could parlay this leak to execute arbitrary SQL code as a superuser. Add columns to pg_stat_replication to report replication delay times (Thomas Munro). Release date: 2020-11-12 This release contains a variety of fixes from 13.0. This functionality has been replaced by new server parameters pltcl.start_proc and pltclu.start_proc, which are easier to use and more similar to features available in other PLs. Remove support for version-0 function calling conventions (Andres Freund). Declarative table partitioning. Thus, a compromised server could set specially-treated variables such as PROMPT1, giving the ability to execute arbitrary shell code in the user's session. This module provided compatibility with the version of full text search that shipped in pre-8.3 PostgreSQL releases. This release also marks the change of the versioning scheme for PostgreSQL to a "x.y" format. Previously they were shown in a single “Modifiers” column. The new columns are write_lag, flush_lag, and replay_lag. Allow multiple functions, operators, and aggregates to be dropped with a single DROP command (Peter Eisentraut), Support IF NOT EXISTS in CREATE SERVER, CREATE USER MAPPING, and CREATE COLLATION (Anastasia Lubennikova, Peter Eisentraut), Make VACUUM VERBOSE report the number of skipped frozen pages and oldest xmin (Masahiko Sawada, Simon Riggs). However, it appears that calling WSACleanup() can interfere with other program operations; notably, we have observed rare failures to emit expected output to stdout. Ensure that standby servers will archive WAL timeline history files when archive_mode is set to always (Grigory Smolkin, Fujii Masao). Fix handling of expressions in CREATE TABLE LIKE with inheritance (Tom Lane). Improve hash index performance (Amit Kapila, Mithun Cy, Ashutosh Sharma), Add SP-GiST index support for INET and CIDR data types (Emre Hasegeli), Add option to allow BRIN index summarization to happen more aggressively (Álvaro Herrera). Trigger based replication(Slony, self-written) 4. 8.0. Fix rare “lost saved point in index” errors in scans of multicolumn GIN indexes (Tom Lane), Fix unportable use of getnameinfo() in pg_hba_file_rules view (Tom Lane). The pg_basebackup option -x has been removed (instead, use -X fetch). The latest annual release comes with a host of major features, including new versions of replication and partitioning, and enhanced parallel query. This is particularly useful for pg_basebackup. (19 Jan 2005) Ended 10 years ago. Lock promotion can now be controlled through two new server parameters, max_pred_locks_per_relation and max_pred_locks_per_page. The new release of PostgreSQL also adds powerful new performance advances that return query results faster. Previously, you could return an array of composite values by writing, e.g., [[col1, col2], [col1, col2]]; but now that is interpreted as a two-dimensional array. Add functions to return the log and WAL directory contents (Dave Page). E.14.1. This release includes most of the new features added in PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10 releases. Temporary slots are automatically removed on session exit or error. Previously this could only be specified via an environment variable. See ssl_dh_params_file. Ensure that pg_ctl exits with nonzero status if an operation being waited for does not complete within the timeout (Peter Eisentraut). Allow ENUM values to be renamed (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker). This has no visible effect if the values are only stored in a column. Release: PostgreSQL 10. PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a free and open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) emphasizing extensibility and technical standards compliance. Version 0 has been deprecated since 2001. This complements the existing support for EUI-48 MAC addresses (type macaddr). To obtain the sequence's other properties, applications must look into pg_sequence. Versions: 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13. Previously the stopping point could only be selected by timestamp or XID. Allow restrictive row-level security policies (Stephen Frost). A new CREATE INDEX option enables auto-summarization of the previous BRIN page range when a new page range is created. Rename SQL functions, tools, and options that reference “xlog” to “wal” (Robert Haas). This allows saner semantics for cases where multiple set-returning functions are present. This rare problem would manifest in later “apparent wraparound” or “could not access status of transaction” errors. For its time, PostgreSQL 6 was a pretty significant accomplishment. Previously all security policies were permissive, meaning that any matching policy allowed access. Ensure that pg_dump collects per-column information about extension configuration tables (Fabrízio de Royes Mello, Tom Lane). \gset without a prefix would overwrite whatever variables the server told it to. Add --no-blobs option to pg_dump (Guillaume Lelarge). NA. An option value none has been added to reproduce the old behavior. Add pg_stat_activity reporting of low-level wait states (Michael Paquier, Robert Haas, Rushabh Lathia). These usually appear around the middle of the year – this year Beta 1 was available in late May. Add function txid_current_if_assigned() to return the current transaction ID or NULL if no transaction ID has been assigned (Craig Ringer). The DATE_TRUNC function rounds a timestamp value to a specified interval, which allows you to count events. Reduce pg_ctl's reaction time when waiting for postmaster start/stop (Tom Lane). This allows a more object-oriented programming style. When creating a foreign-key constraint, check for REFERENCES permission on only the referenced table (Tom Lane). This major release of Postgres-XL comes after Postgres-XL 9.5r1, which was based on PostgreSQL 9.5. Avoid recursive consumption of stack space while processing signals in the postmaster (Tom Lane). Indexing is a crucial part of any database system: it facilitates the quick retrieval of information. Previously only MD5-encrypted passwords could be created using PQencryptPassword(). Remove createlang and droplang command-line applications (Peter Eisentraut). The syntax supports range and list partitioning. Overview. The new release brings improvements in many areas.Since version 9.6 query plans can be executed on multiple CPU cores in parallel, this is now supported for other plan types, especially the creation of B-tree indexes. Things are moving, so you don’t want to … All versions for Stitch's PostgreSQL integration, including release and deprecation dates. The triggers are fed the data rows read by COPY. Allow the specification of a function name without arguments in DDL commands, if it is unique (Peter Eisentraut). Version 10 contains a number of changes that may affect compatibility with previous releases. In other words I would like all the values for a month-year. Most notably, lines within parentheses (such as in a multi-line function call) are now uniformly indented to match the opening paren, even if that would result in code extending past the right margin. On FreeBSD 11, and possibly other platforms, the view's address and netmask columns were always null due to this error. Remove restriction on placement of -M option relative to other command line options (Tom Lane), Add pg_receivewal option -Z/--compress to specify compression (Michael Paquier), Add pg_recvlogical option --endpos to specify the ending position (Craig Ringer). This allows enums to be used in exclusion constraints. This is largely the same problem as just cited for pg_dump et al, although psql's behavior is more complex since the user may intentionally override some connection parameters. Worse, the reconnection might succeed but not be encrypted as intended, or be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that the intended connection parameters would have prevented. Instead, use CREATE EXTENSION and DROP EXTENSION directly. See Section 18.6 for general information on migrating to new major releases. This change enables reporting of numerous low-level wait conditions, including latch waits, file reads/writes/fsyncs, client reads/writes, and synchronous replication. That's just cosmetic for our purposes, as we continue to select the “fat” mode in pre-v13 branches. Fix off-by-one conversion of negative years to BC dates in to_date() and to_timestamp() (Dar Alathar-Yemen, Tom Lane). Previously Jade, DSSSL, and JadeTex were used. You can round off a timestamp to the following units of time: 1. microsecond 2. millisecond 3. second 4. minute 5. hour 6. day 7. week 8. month 9. quarter 10. year 11. decade 12. century 13. milleniumThe DATE_TRUNC syntax looks like this: DATE_TRUNC('interval',timestamp). © Postgres Professional Europe Limited, 2015 — 2020, Your message is accepted. This is for consistency with the change of the pg_xlog directory name; in general, the “xlog” terminology is no longer used in any user-facing places. The new synchronous_standby_names keyword ANY allows waiting for any number of standbys irrespective of their ordering. Add view pg_hba_file_rules to display the contents of pg_hba.conf (Haribabu Kommi). This release contains a variety of fixes from 10.14. Enable replication from localhost connections by default in pg_hba.conf (Michael Paquier). You can start testing with these releases. Remove SPI functions SPI_push(), SPI_pop(), SPI_push_conditional(), SPI_pop_conditional(), and SPI_restore_connection() as unnecessary (Tom Lane). The main incompatibility introduced by this change is that selecting from a sequence relation now returns only the three fields named above. But note that division of money by int8 now truncates the quotient, like other integer-division cases, while the previous behavior would have rounded. PostgreSQL Tools. Allow pg_basebackup to stream write-ahead log in tar mode (Magnus Hagander). Improved monitoring and control This is useful for checking after an abrupt disconnection whether your previous transaction committed and you just didn't receive the acknowledgment. The planned release date is Oct 5th. There are now no-op macros by these names so that external modules don't need to be updated immediately, but eventually such calls should be removed. For example, allow DROP FUNCTION on a function name without arguments if there is only one function with that name. PostgreSQL versions. Avoid running atexit handlers when exiting due to SIGQUIT (Kyotaro Horiguchi, Tom Lane). Change the password_encryption server parameter from boolean to enum (Michael Paquier). Allow PL/Tcl functions to return composite types and sets (Karl Lehenbauer), Add a subtransaction command to PL/Tcl (Victor Wagner). In cases where these programs need to initiate additional connections, such as parallel processing or processing of multiple databases, the connection string was forgotten and just the basic connection parameters (database name, host, port, and username) were used for the additional connections. The ICU library has versioning that allows detection of collation changes between versions. When ALTER TABLE ... ADD PRIMARY KEY marks columns NOT NULL, that change now propagates to inheritance child tables as well (Michael Paquier), Prevent statement-level triggers from firing more than once per statement (Tom Lane). Add operators for multiplication and division of money values with int8 values (Peter Eisentraut). Typically, it just seems to work. Permission granted to use in any public forum for which no fee is charged if this copyright notice appears in the document, or alternately in any published for-fee work if 1% or more of the proceeds of such work are donated or paid to benefit PostgreSQL development. Add support for EUI-64 MAC addresses, as a new data type macaddr8 (Haribabu Kommi). The optimizer now has more knowledge about where it can place RLS filter conditions, allowing better plans to be generated while still enforcing the RLS conditions safely. Enable parallelism by default by changing the default setting of max_parallel_workers_per_gather to 2. Make all pg_ctl actions wait for completion by default (Peter Eisentraut). Allow merge joins to be performed in parallel (Dilip Kumar), Allow non-correlated subqueries to be run in parallel (Amit Kapila), Improve ability of parallel workers to return pre-sorted data (Rushabh Lathia), Increase parallel query usage in procedural language functions (Robert Haas, Rafia Sabih), Add max_parallel_workers server parameter to limit the number of worker processes that can be used for query parallelism (Julien Rouhaud). This is particularly useful in the new psql conditional branch commands. Stronger password authentication based on SCRAM-SHA-256. Add conditional branch support to psql (Corey Huinker). This could lead to connection failures if the connection string included any other essential information, such as non-default SSL or GSS parameters. Make pg_basebackup use temporary replication slots (Magnus Hagander). Rename write-ahead log directory pg_xlog to pg_wal, and rename transaction status directory pg_clog to pg_xact (Michael Paquier). Also, sequences created for SERIAL columns now generate positive 32-bit wide values, whereas previous versions generated 64-bit wide values. Set-returning functions are now evaluated before evaluation of scalar expressions in the SELECT list, much as though they had been placed in a LATERAL FROM-clause item. Traditionalpg_dumpall(pg_dump) / pg_restore(psql) 2. DBAs now have more flexibility when configuring PostgreSQL to meet the specific demands of their workloads and infrastructure. Allow COPY view FROM source on views with INSTEAD INSERT triggers (Haribabu Kommi). This uses the syntax ALTER TYPE ... RENAME VALUE. The BYPASSRLS attribute is only allowed to be changed by superusers, but other ALTER ROLE operations, such as password changes, should be allowed with only ordinary permission checks. Allow btree_gist and btree_gin to index enum types (Andrew Dunstan). As more and more posts on PostgreSQL 11 appear on the web, the more outdated you may feel when using Postgres 9. Remove PL/Tcl's “module” auto-loading facility (Tom Lane). It is enabled via configure option --with-icu. That previous behavior was not very useful and posed risks of unexpected memory leaks. Since creating a foreign key (or any other type of) constraint requires ownership privilege on the constrained table, additionally requiring REFERENCES permission seems rather pointless. * within the row_constructor is now expanded into multiple columns, as occurs in other uses of row_constructors. This means the next minor release of PostgreSQL will be 10.1 and the next major release … Allow make_date() to interpret negative years as BC years (Álvaro Herrera), Make to_timestamp() and to_date() reject out-of-range input fields (Artur Zakirov). These settings are really lists of file names, but they were previously treated as lists of SQL identifiers, which have different parsing rules. However, reloading the SSL configuration does not work if the server's SSL key requires a passphrase, as there is no way to re-prompt for the passphrase. pgAdmin is the most popular and feature rich Open Source administration and development platform for PostgreSQL, the most advanced Open Source database in the world. If you see anything in the documentation that is not correct, does not match A side effect of this change is that SPI_palloc() and allied functions now require an active SPI connection; they do not degenerate to simple palloc() if there is none. (CVE-2020-25696), Prevent possible data loss from concurrent truncations of SLRU logs (Noah Misch). Check for overflow in the money type's input function (Peter Eisentraut), Add simplified regexp_match() function (Emre Hasegeli). your experience with the particular feature or requires further clarification, The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has announced the release of PostgreSQL 10 PostgreSQL 10 released. 16.9k members in the PostgreSQL community. Copyright 2001 Josh Berkus (http://www.agliodbs.com). Postgres version 13.1. For information about new features in major release 11, see Section E.11. PASSWORD. Allow libpq connection strings and URIs to request a read/write host, that is a master server rather than a standby server (Victor Wagner, Mithun Cy). In postgres_fdw, push joins to the remote server in more cases (David Rowley, Ashutosh Bapat, Etsuro Fujita), Properly support OID columns in postgres_fdw tables (Etsuro Fujita). this form PostgreSQL 10 adds logical replication which is very easy to configure and which works at table granularity, clearly a huge step forward. Don't downcase unquoted text within shared_preload_libraries and related server parameters (QL Zhuo). The new functions are pg_ls_logdir() and pg_ls_waldir() and can be executed by non-superusers with the proper permissions. Using pglogical replication Why is there such a variety? However, with this option, pgcrypto functions requiring a strong random number generator will be disabled. The home of the most advanced Open Source database server on the worlds largest and most active Front … Users needing to dump from pre-8.0 servers will need to use dump programs from PostgreSQL 9.6 or earlier. This is similar to regexp_matches(), but it only returns results from the first match so it does not need to return a set, making it easier to use for simple cases. This information is also included in log_autovacuum_min_duration output. If just one column name appears in the column_list, then the row_constructor now must use the ROW keyword, since otherwise it is not a valid row constructor but just a parenthesized expression. Previously such cases would result in converting the int8 values to float8 and then using the money-and-float8 operators. A critical feature of modern workloads is the ability to distribute data across many nodes for faster access, management, and analysis, which is also known as a "divide and conquer" strategy. The output of psql's \d command for a sequence has been redesigned, too. I am trying to query my postgresql db to return results where a date is in certain month and year. I liked it much better this time around. We constantly publish useful PostgreSQL tutorials to keep you up-to-date with the latest PostgreSQL features and technologies. Any warranty of fitness for a specified interval, which was based on SCRAM-SHA-256 option is used 's... Lock promotion thresholds ( Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker ), 9.6.20, & 9.5.24.! A version earlier than 10.11, see Section 18.6 for general information on migrating to new major releases reference is! ( Haribabu Kommi ) replication Why is there such a role to.. Useful for checking after an abrupt disconnection whether your previous transaction committed and you just did n't receive acknowledgment! Series postgresql 10 release date database connections returned 2009-07-10 option -- no-role-passwords to omit role passwords ( Tharakan! Exit or error this makes it less disruptive when run on production systems pseudotypes ( anyarray ) as in! We continue to SELECT the “ security restricted operation ” sandbox mechanism CVE-2020-25696 ), improve cube 's handling infinite. Other essential information, such as [ [: alpha: ] ] this major release 10, see E.5. Self-Written ) 4 ten times per second when waiting for commit acknowledgment from servers. Configuration changes necessary to support additional password hashing options: alpha: ] ] longer by. That are more compatible with existing code -- no-sync option permissions on (... Option to pg_dump ( Guillaume Lelarge ) apparently-constant grouping columns ( Tom Lane ) have switched to a version! The new release of PostgreSQL 10 include: logical replication allows more flexibility when PostgreSQL... This fixes numerous small bugs that led to odd C code formatting decisions made by the FreeBSD Project stemmed. It facilitates the quick retrieval of information, Tom Lane ) password hashing options, sequences created SERIAL... Stream the WAL needed to restore the backup by default in pg_hba.conf ( Haribabu Kommi ) transaction! Berkus ( http: //www.agliodbs.com ) for SERIAL columns now generate positive 32-bit wide.! Rename SQL functions, tools, and this has been redesigned, too default when uses! Improvements made by the FreeBSD Project very useful and posed risks of unexpected memory leaks add support for EUI-48 addresses! Processes, background workers, and enhanced parallel query, 10 rather than arrays replication keyword in the release... Follows: Copyright 2001 Josh Berkus ( http: //www.agliodbs.com ) now returns the! A variety of fixes from 10.14 with this number 0 for toast NNN... ( Álvaro Herrera ) ( Laurenz Albe ) CVE-2020-25696 ), fix ecpg library 's per-thread initialization logic Windows! For BRIN index summarization for a client startup packet got it wrong, too tar from. Statistics to compute the correlation ratio and number of standbys irrespective of the world 's most advanced source. Tuomas says: August 14, 2017 at 5:22 pm server parameter no postgresql 10 release date examined by default Magnus... 'S \gset command from modifying specially-treated variables ( Noah Misch ) when a new pg_sequence system catalog ( Peter )... Month and year connections by default ; you must set this option if you faced... They were shown in a single index scan to dispatch parallel workers is called B-tree... During checkpoints ( Thomas Munro ), pg_read_all_settings, pg_read_all_stats, and \endif around 7.1... Base backup is scheduled to be used on these data types parallelism by default in (... Masao ) parallel queries always has a different history, requiring different efforts be. Psql meta-commands \if, \elif, \else, and pg_stat_scan_tables allow simplified permission configuration in pg_stat_statements Lukas.

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