Nenad Vetma

Contact Informations:
Bukovčeva 20, 21000 Split, Croatia, Mobile: +385 98 244 755

Date of birth:

Marital Status:
married, two kids

Nationality / Citizenship:
Croat / Croatian


Nenad Vetma was born in Split on the 5th of April in 1960. From birth to this day he has been living in Split near the tennis courts of Tennis Club Split. From the fifth year of his life he began with daily tennis training with his father Boris and during elementary school he attended guitar lessons held by prof. Marinko Katunarić at Music school Josip Hatze Split.

After much success in local and European tennis courts (multiple state champion in all junior competitions and member of the national team in the period from 1974 to 1978) he didn’t give up on music. He began playing the guitar in the Orchestra KUD Filip Dević. While attending high school Vladimir Nazor in Split he founded a junior garage band.

In 1979, he was suggested to go to Germany as a professional tennis player and coach by Nikola Pilić, where he stayed for eight years and played for the national league.

He had great nostalgia for his homeland and received an offer from Zdenko Runjić to sing at the “Split pop music festival in ’87” which led him into the world of professional music. The song “Zavičajna” by Z. Runjić and J. Fiamengo, brought him back home forever.

In 1989 a record label called “Jugoton” released Nenad’s first LP and cassette titled large mega hit “Boliš me dušo” that went platinum. Since then he began his professional musical career.

His 1990 LP “Neću život u tuđini” went gold and directed his musical career to the Diaspora.

To this date, Nenad published 16 projects. Numerous tours in Australia, USA, Canada, did not prevent him from appearing at various charity concerts around Croatia (over 200), especially during the Croatian War of Independence.

He performs at all the festivals in Croatia and abroad every year without a break and the media presents him on national television and radio, local TV and radio stations, daily and weekly newspapers.

He performed at 16 Split pop music Festivals, 9 Melodies of Adriatic, 4 Zagreb fests, 3 Melodies from Istria and Kvarner, 3 Knin fests, 8 Melodies of Croatian south Opuzen, 7 Marco Polo fests, 2 Toronto, 2 Frankfurt Cro music festivals, etc.

With a total of more than 60 festival appearances he has won First place awards from the public, music experts, TV media and radio stations.

Thanks to his CD “Zalij to cvijeće”, released by Dancing Bear 2010, Vetma returned, after a 3 year break, to the top of the Croatian charts. With this song he beat his personal record of 48 weeks at HR Top-20. His song “Ljubav”, which he recorded an exceptional music video for, has been the HR Top-20 for 28 weeks. At most local radio stations his song won first place.

“Zlatna kolekcija” (Golden Collection), a double CD edition CroRec 2012. refreshes his actions throughout his career. Numerous hits and, at the same time a strong demand for them, gave him the power to create a new project.

CD “Ne umire pisma” (The song doesn’t die) was released by CroRec 2016. in memoriam to late Vinko Coce, and is a summary of the most beautiful songs of Dalmatia, which are sung to this day. The same song was 6 months without interruption on HR-charts in Croatia and abroad. Cooperation with composers Milivoj Balić, Srećko Boban and arranger Ante Toni Lasan, gave the entire project a complete and high-quality Dalmatian whole. Spot “NE UMIRE PISMA” with Klapa “Trogir”, is designed as a top video postcard of Trogir and Dalmatia in the summer of 2016 with the original performers, directed by Tino Bilandžić.

Just recently, the video clip is being finished for his song “Konavoka” on the place of Župa Dubrovačke-Konavale, also directed by Tino Bilandžić.

Hit Single “Busola” performed on MHJ – Opuzen 2018. brings a new video clip from various locations on Island of Hvar which is also directed by Tino Bilandžić. It was nominated for award “Porin” in three different categories: “Best Song”, “Best Male Interpretation” and “Best Arrangement”.
2019. he appears with the single “Jabuka” and is awarded with 2nd Price – Jury Experts.
2020. he was awarded with
GRAND PRIX for his song “Za tobon je zaplakalo vrime”, composed by Miho Marušić.

Spontaneity, simplicity, compelling baritone male vocals and diverse domestic and foreign selection of songs in live performances of Nenad Vetma are not surprising when they are added to the title of the Croatian Tom Jones.